Fruit Battlegrounds: How To Get Light V2 Awakening & Showcase

Awaken the full power of Light!

Fruit Battlegrounds has a new Awakening fruit that you can get to showcase some amazing new powers: Light V2. Admiral Kizaru fans, rejoice! Just like other V2 fruits, Light V2 is an upgraded version of the standard Light fruit. If you already have Light, you can even go through the process of Awakening it to get V2 without having to deal with the gacha. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Light V2 and show you what it can do.

How To Get Light V2 Fruit | Awakening Guide

Gacha Chances | Fruit Battlegrounds: How To Get Light V2 Awakening & Showcase

There are actually two methods to get Light V2 fruit. The first one is to simply spin for it in the “Spin Fruit” gacha, accessible from the game’s main menu. However, it has an extremely low drop rate of 0.15%, just like most other Legendary-tier fruits.

Alternatively, you can use the Awakening method if you already have a regular Light fruit. The base Light fruit is an Epic-tier fruit so it has a 1.05% chance to drop from the gacha. It’s not a huge chance, but it’s definitely better than 0.15%!

There are three main requirements to meet to Awaken the Light fruit to Light V2, as follows:

  • Get the Epic-tier Light fruit and level it to 300. Check out our guide on how to best level up fruit. It’s a bit dated, but the method still works!
  • Obtain 30 different titles of any type. Our guide on how to unlock titles will tell you which ones are easiest to meet the 30 titles quota.
  • Defeat the Kaido boss a total of 5 different times while using the Epic-tier Light fruit. You can find him in Wano Heights (Kaido’s Domain), at the top of the Onigashima region.
Momo NPC location

With those 3 criteria met you should speak to Momonosuke in Onigashima. He’s next to the entrance to Wano Heights, so just look for his shiny bald head and talk to him! As long as you’ve met the requirements, he’ll offer to awaken your Light fruit to Light V2.

That’s all there is to it! It’s going to be a grind, mainly due to titles and Level 300, but it’s fairly simple overall.

Now, let’s take a look at Light V2’s abilities!

Light V2 Fruit Moves | Awakened Fruit Showcase

Move 1

Piercing Shine (Move 1) – Summon a spear of light and throw it at the opponent. You keep a copy of the spear, which gives you a new M1 (Mouse 1, left-click) moveset with quick spinning spear attacks.

Move 2

Photon Storm (Move 2) – Summon a bow of light and fire at the sky, raining arrows on your opponent. The bow stays after casting, which gives you a new M1 moveset using the bow.

Move 3

X-Flash (Move 3) – You rush forward, surrounded by light. If you hit an opponent while dashing, you will quickly deal a variety of slashes with a pair of katanas. After casting, you keep the katana which lets you use them for your M1 moveset.

Move 4

Heavenly Descent (Move 4) – Uppercuts the opponent, launching them into the sky before slamming them back to the ground. The uppercut is blockable but the slam breaks guard and stuns the opponent. Removes any Light weapon you have when used.

Move 5

Solar Grenade (Move 5) – You charge up a beam of light, then shoot it at the opponent. The beam lasts for about 3 seconds and is also unblockable. Very strong, but it has a slow start-up.

Mirror Flight | Fruit Battlegrounds: How To Get Light V2 Awakening & Showcase

Mirror Flight (E Move) – Become a ray of light and fly forward. It lasts longer than the normal Light variant, but it’s a tad slower.

It’s a very strong fruit, with some truly awesome moves. Plus, we love how it gives you so many different movesets after casting the weapon moves. However, it does have very high Energy consumption, so keep that in mind.

Nonetheless, that’s all there is to know about how to awaken Light V2 and its moveset showcase in Fruit Battlegrounds. Pair it with Darkness V2 to master both Light and Dark!


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