How To Unlock Titles In Fruit Battlegrounds

Time to grind for more titles!

Fruit Battlegrounds How To Unlock Titles

Unlocking things and progressing through the game can be quite gritty for some players. In Fruit Battlegrounds, acquiring titles is crucial for strengthening your character, but certain titles can prove to be quite demanding. It’s essential to identify the most beneficial titles to prioritize in your progression journey. So, which titles should you aim for in the game?

In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock titles in the game. We’ll also show you what are the best ones to unlock. Now get ready since some of these titles can be tough to get!

Unlock Titles In Fruit Battlegrounds

So, what are titles anyway? In Fruit Battlegrounds, titles are things you can unlock through different challenges the game gives you.

When you look at the title window, you’ll see what you’ll need to do to unlock said titles. Some of these titles can be easy to get like reaching Level 10 for the Beginner Title or the Wanted Title that you get for your first bounty.

NOTE: Title colors doesn’t count towards the total title count.

You’ll want to unlock these titles to progress through the game. For example, to get to Wano you’ll need 10 titles, and to awaken your TS, you’ll need 30 titles. Since many of these titles can be challenging to obtain, it’s valuable to identify the easiest ones to begin with.

Fruit Battlegrounds Easy Titles

As you browse through the titles, keep an eye out for the simpler ones. You might not even realize that you’ve already unlocked some titles while playing the game.

Take the Slayer title, for example; you unlock it simply by defeating a boss for the first time. As for the Roadkill title, you can attain it by defeating an opponent using a Chop Car. Acquiring the Chop fruit is relatively easy in the game, so give it a shot when aiming for this title.

You should also try to level up fruits to 100, since there are a lot of titles that count that in unlocking them. Additionally, there are some titles that require grinding but are relatively straightforward, such as the ‘Enemy of Nature’ title, which tasks you with destroying 200 trees.

That’s how you unlock titles in Fruit Battlegrounds. Now, go out there and unlock as many titles as you can! Make sure to go check out our best fruit tier list in the game if you haven’t already!

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