Genshin Impact: Ancestor’s Mystery | World Quests & Puzzles Guide

Solve the mystery!

Ancestor’s Mystery is an achievement you can try to get after gaining access to the Chizhang Wall Gate and completing the Blessing of Sunken Jade questline in the 4.4. Update of Genshin Impact. Getting this achievement will earn you a lot of good rewards. In this guide, we are going to talk about how you are going to get the Anchestors Mystery achievement in the game.

Ancestor’s Mystery

In order to get the Ancestor’s Mystery achievement, you need to unlock the Chizhang Wall Gate and collect jade fragments by completing Blessing of Sunken Jade. After opening the gate, you can head inside and fight the Ruin Grader to get access to the room he is protecting.

Diffisure Inscription in front of Chizhang Wall Gate in Genshin Impact.

There, you are going to see an Ancient Pendant. However, it is missing some parts. You need to use the jade fragments you have at this point. Once you put in the fragments, the mechanism will activate and teleport you inside.

Unlocking the ancient pendant in Genshin Impact.

Once you are inside, use your ability to clear the mural. Doing this will earn you the Mural Veil and A Ruined Tale achievements. It will also reveal a chest for you to loot.

Clearing the mural in Genshin Impact.

After looting the luxury chest, your job there will be pretty much done, and you will have completely solved the Ancestor’s Mystery puzzle. This is everything we will talk about in our Ancestor’s Mystery Guide to Genshin Impact’s Update 4.4!

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