Planet Crafter: How To Use Map

Get your bearing and find your way around the planet!

Planet Crafter How To Use Map

A lot of modern games have maps for players to use when navigating the game. Old games rarely had maps, so it’s great to have them as a quality-of-life feature for most games. It’s something that most people are used to checking, usually by pressing M.

Doing so won’t work in Planet Crafter though since you’ll need to build a few stuff before you’re able to use a map. It’s not as simple as pressing a single button and requires a few buildings to operate! In this guide, we’ll show you how you can use the map in the game by building a few structures. Now let’s see what we’ll need to build to get this map working!

How To Use Map

When you jump into the game Planet Crafter, you’d be surprised to realize that you don’t have access to a map early in the game. That’s because unlike other games the map is an actual structure in the game that you’ll need to build.

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To get a map working, you’ll need to first unlock Information Screens blueprints. From there, you’ll want to build the “Screen–Mapping” item and place it in your base.

Planet Crafter Screen Mapping

Doing so will let you interact with the screen while you’re in the base. In the early parts of the game, you’ll only be able to scroll out a short distance. You can increase the distance of the scroll-out function by building higher tiers of GPS satellites.

There are 4 tiers of GPS satellites in the game and unlocking the last one will let you scroll out and see the entire map.

Planet Crafter Map Screen

It’s not the prettiest map in video games, but it does work, and you can get your bearings with it! That’s how you can use the map in Planet Crafter. Now go out there and try to build one of those Map screens for your base! The recent 1.0 update has added endings to the game so check out our guide on all the Endings for more information!


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