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Praey For The Gods: All Lost Journal Locations

Ready to learn more about the world of the frozen land? Collect all these journals to find out!

The world of the Praey For The Gods is an eternal winter, forever frozen and barren. Terrifying beasts walk on the icy mountains, and it is up to you to figure out the story behind this world. Collecting journals all over the map can give you more information about this frozen world.

Lost Journal Locations – Praey For The Gods

Here are the locations of all 9 lost journals:

  • The very first journal is at the southern edge of the North Island. You will find a small wooden shack here and the note is inside of it, on the ground. 
  • From here, go northwest until you reach a small camping ground. The second note should be on the frozen corpse to your right. 
  • At the northern tip of the southern Island, you will find the third note. You can find it next to the wooden barricade, near a corpse. 
  • The fourth note is in the same area, on a corpse near the bridge
  • Go south and enter the cave here. There is a note to the right of the campfire
  • Now go south and inside the third cave from the top of the South Island. Follow the wooden pathway inside the cave until you reach the end of it. There is a small crevice with the note below. 
  • Go in between the second and third cave and you should see a small tent. The seventh note is near its entrance. 
  • Now go west and climb the mountain here. You should find another tent with wooden barricades surrounding it. The note is near the tent. 
  • Lastly, go to the central part of the South Island. You will find a big totem here and the last note should be near it. 

And there you have it, have fun collecting the notes and learning more about the lore of the Island!

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