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The shiny rocks are too distracting!

Genshin Impact has a variety of new World Quests that are part of the Scenes From Life in Meropide. These quests allow you to help individuals throughout the new Fortress Meropide map that was added as part of the new update. It offers interesting objectives that you can complete.

One of these objectives is to “Defeat the Wandering Primordial Abberrants.” In this guide, we will show you how you can achieve this and where you can find them so you can complete this World Quest. Let’s dive right into it.

Defeat the Wandering Primordial Aberrants

This quest will have you battling enemies at the end of the objective. So, it helps to be prepared for a fight, by keeping some food with you alongside a build that you are comfortable with.

This objective is also part of a larger quest that can give you some great rewards. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to the Abandoned Production Zone by using the elevator that goes downwards.
  2. Operate the Drive Valve mechanism, making sure that the Gear Drivetrain is pointing towards the right door when you stop it.
  3. Remove the Gear Drivetrain from the Drive Valve mechanism.
  4. Enter the door and install the Gear Drivetrain into the smaller mechanism.
  5. Pick up the charging device in the room and put it next to the lever to activate it.
  6. Run the mechanism until the arrow is pointing towards the Geode Mine Shaft door. This will open it up.
  7. Enter the door and follow the path to the large Geode Mine Shaft.
  8. Defeat all the Wandering Primordial Aberrants in the area to complete the objective.

Detailed Walkthrough

When you’re going through the Scenes from Life in Meropide: Visible Hands Quest, you will receive the objective: Defeat the Wandering Primordial Aberrants in the Geode Mine Shaft.

This is just one objective in the whole quest. You will need to start by locating the Geode Mine Shaft first.

Start by heading towards the elevator that takes you down to the Abandoned Production Zone. If you are unsure of where this is, check out this guide which shows you how to get to the Abandoned Production Zone.

Entering Abandoned Production Zone in Genshin Impact.

When you go down the elevator to the area and travel through the tunnel, you will arrive in a large room with a Drive Valve mechanism in the middle. This mechanism can be used to open the variety of doors all around the room.

Drive Valve mechanism in Genshin Impact.

However, your goal is to open the door that leads to the Geode Mine Shaft. This is the door that is second to the right.

It is the furthest one to the right when you enter the Drive Valve mechanism room.

Door to Geode Mine Shaft marked in Genshin Impact.

Approach the mechanism and make sure that the Gear Drivetrain, or arrow, is in the direction of the door that you want to open.

Otherwise, you will not be able to open the door. After that approach the lever and choose the Run option to start up the mechanism.

Running Drive Valve mechanism in Genshin Impact.

Wait for the center arrow to line up with the Gear Drivetrain as the mechanism moves in a clockwise direction.

When the arrows line up in the mechanism, press the Stop button. This will cause the mechanism to stop, and the door will end up opening.

Drive Valve mechanism operating in Genshin Impact.

Before you enter the opened door, make sure that you take the Gear Drivetrain from the mechanism.

This is because you will need it for another small puzzle in the new room. You can approach it and press the Remove Gear Drivetrain option to take it with you.

Removing Gear Drivetrain from mechanism in Genshin Impact.

Enter the new room and you will see a smaller mechanism in the room with a door next to a ladder. Approach the mechanism and Install the Gear Drivetrain into it. 

Installing Gear Drivetrain in Genshin Impact.

However, you will notice that the lever nearby is red, meaning it is powered down and not operational.

It needs to be charged. Luckily, there is a charging device nearby which produces a green circle. 

Powered Down lever terminal in Genshin Impact.

This charging station is not really powering anything, so choose the Pick Up option near it. Approach the red level and put the charging device next to it, making sure the lever is inside the green circle.

Picking up charging device in Genshin Impact.

This will power up the lever and now you can approve it and Run the mechanism. Wait for the arrow to point towards the door, just as you did with the previous mechanism.

When the arrow lines up with the door, go to the lever and Stop the mechanism. This will open the door that will lead you directly to the Geode Mine Shaft.

Operating lever terminal to open Geode Mine Shaft door.

Enter through the door and follow the path ahead through to the Geode Mine Shaft. The path here is pretty straightforward as it only really leads one way.

You will even come across a Teleport area which is pretty handy if you ever want to return to this area.

Walking past Abandoned Production Zone teleport marker in Genshin Impact.

Eventually you reach the large Geode Mine Shaft. Here you will be able to find the Wandering Primordial Aberrants.

You will need to look all around the Mine Shaft and defeat all of them for the objective to complete. 

They are generally far apart from each other, so make sure that they do not fight at the same time. They can end up swarming you if you do so.

After you defeat all of them, the objective will complete, and you can resume with the World Quest by reporting back to Maupoil.

Wandering Primordial Aberrant in Genshin Impact.

That’s how you can complete the objective of defeating the Wandering Primordial Aberrants. The Geode Mine Shaft area where they are located is incredibly beautiful. You can find some interesting items there once you’ve finished admiring the view!

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