Manor Lords: How To Earn More Regional Wealth

Let’s get wealthy!

Manor Lords is a city-builder game with real-time tactical combat set in Franconia. Although the game is not set in a certain century, all of the buildings have historical allusions from Europe’s centuries. Herding sheep on the wide meadows overseen by the Lord of the Manor, blooming iron in a bloomery, and plowing fields with a team of oxen are all necessary tasks. To completely immerse yourself in the medieval lordship you rule, combine this with an eye to detail. Seasons change, the weather fluctuates, and famine, sickness, or conflict can bring an end to a town.

In this early-access city builder game, you need to earn wealth to become more powerful and advance in the game. In this guide, we will talk about how to earn more regional wealth as easily as you can.

How To Earn More Regional Wealth

Basically, improving your home makes you wealthy. Every level 2 plot makes one money a month, whereas every level 3 plot makes two. Additionally, you can construct a trading post and use it to sell excess items for cash.

Manor Lords How To Earn More Regional Wealth

The Foreign Suppliers settlement enhancement allows you to construct a few wagons (for food and fuel) in a market zone as well. If you construct these carts, they will periodically drain your local wealth in return for a steady supply of food (or firewood).

Trading posts in Manor Lords.

These carts will quickly empty all of your funds if you are not making much money from trading or housing. Put them away till you have enough money later. This is an important thing to consider.

Collecting resources in Manor Lords.

This is exactly how to earn more regional wealth in Manor Lords. If you think this guide helped you, make sure to check out our guides on How To Upgrade Houses (Level 1-3), and Get 100% Market Coverage in Any Town as well before you leave.


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