TL ibiza PUBG Pro All Settings | 2022

Here’s how the pros do it. Let’s take a look at Ibiza’s settings!

Everyone wants to emulate pro players, one of them is Ibiza. He is part of Team Liquid. He started the pro tournaments in 2017. After those tours in 2018, he was offered a position in Team Liquid. He found himself playing H1z1, Day Z, and The War Z in his teens. However, his primary game is PUBG. And up until now, he is still playing PUBG and considers it his main game.

PUBG TL ibiza Pro All Settings| 2022

As a player who has proven his expertise in this game, it is no wonder that everyone is interested in his settings that he uses in the game. So what exactly has he done with his settings? Let’s take a closer look.

One of the more basic but also very important things is his mouse settings:

AIM Sens30
Scope (2X, 3X, 4X, 6X, 8X, 15X)30
Polling Rate100 HZ
Ads Sens30
Vertical Sens1.3
General Sens30

In general, there is nothing new here as this are the settings shared by most players.

Video and Graphics Settings

TL Ibiza plays the game in 1920X1080 resolution with 16:9 ratio in Full Screen. He plays the game at 144Hz.

Generally all settings that can take away FPS such as Textures, Effects, Post Processing, View Distance, Motion Blur, Sharpen, Shadows and others are either turned off or set on low and very low settings.

Key Binds

We can see the differences in the players in the controls that they use. So how has Ibiza adjusted his?

Aim MethodToggle
Cycle Fire ModeH
CrouchL Ctrl
Quick MarkerG
Equip Grenade5
Equip SmokeT
Use First AidScroll Wheel
Move to Seat 2 and Seat 3Ctrl 2/Ctrl 3
Driver Seat1
Holster WeaponCaps Lock

Which of these will you follow for your gameplay?

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TL jeemzz PUBG Pro All Settings | 2022