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Genshin Impact: Hayashi Of Tanuki In The Forest World Quest Guide

Find all Tanukis locations, and find out how to complete Hayashi of Tanuki In The Forest quest!

So, you’ve stumbled into this cute side quest from the new updated Genshin Impact and you have many different questions about how you’re supposed to solve this. Where do I find these cute little tanukis? How do I solve the barrier puzzle? Why is a statue giving me this quest? Besides the last one, this guide will answer all your questions and will show you how to get finish this World Quest in no time.

How To Do Hayashi of Tanuki In The Forest World Quest – Genshin Impact

First of all, you will have to finish the Sacrificial Offering World Quest before being able to venture and do this side quest, so make sure you can actually start it, if you haven’t already.

At the point shown in the picture below you will find a statue called Iorei who will give you this quest. He will ask you to start searching for three little tanukis.

Here are the locations you’ll find the tanukis and how to get them:

  • The first one is at the player cursor below. He will be surrounded by enemies, which you’ll probably easily eliminate, and then you’ll find him inside a barrel that’s sitting there.

  • The second one, Shousei, is waiting for you next to a staircase. After following him around a bit you can get him to come back to Iorei. You will find him where the player cursor is below.
  • The last one is at the red “X” on the map below. You just have to light the braziers there and he will appear. Quite easy indeed.

After you find them you go back to Iorei and then follow the map markers to the barrier puzzle.

The puzzle will be quite easy, there are 5 points which you’ll have to set. There will be two on the upper level, one on the north and one on the east. On the bottom level of this place there will be one to the west and two to the south.

You have to set the northern one to 2, eastern one to 2, south eastern one to 4, south western one to 1 and the western one to 3.

Once you’ve done this, the boss will appear, which is an Electro phantom, and you’ll just have to finish him off.

And after that, bam! Quest done. Good job! You’ve gained 250 XP and some money.

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