Dysmantle: Graveyard Shift Quest Guide

Quick Guide How to Finish the Graveyard Shift Quest

This is a fairly easy quest to do because you need to find the key first. The key can be found easily. Just follow the steps below.

Graveyard Shift Quest Guide – Dysmantle

At the beginning of this quest, you have notes on the table that say that the graveyard guard was spooked by a strange light in the back of the graveyard.

The guard then ran away and locked the gate, buried the key in the grave with the largest tombstone in the area.

The quest is located in the Southern Cemetery. First exit the house where you found the quest, then go and find the graveyard gate.

Watch out for the monsters on the way there.

When you reach the gate, move south and find the largest tombstone. Here you will find the key, dig it out and open the gate of the graveyard. If you encounter a fence continue to the right and go south again until you find Tombstone.

After you open the gate of the Graveyard you can continue with escaping the Island which is the ultimate goal.

Reward for this quest is 500 XP in the game.

While the quest may be easy on first glance, it’s much like the other quests in the game, where players have to follow clues and unravel mysteries to finish an objective.

10tons Studios have done a phenomenal job with the game, without it being very complex but still hard enough to keep the player engaged.

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