Genshin Impact: Hu Tao Build Guide | Spiral Abyss

Unleash insane Pyro damage using Hu Tao!

Hu Tao is a 5-star Pyro character that can deal tremendous Pyro damage to surrounding enemies. Her playstyle focuses on using her elemental burst when she has low health. Doing so would increase the damage of her elemental burst.

On the last floor of the abyss, you need to have a reliable DPS character to complete the floor within the time limit.  This is one of the reasons why Hu Tao is a great character to bring in Spiral Abyss. Pair her with characters that can cause elemental reactions like melt and vaporize.

Team Composition for Hu Tao: Melt and Reverse Vaporize

When you use Hu Tao’s elemental skill, it drains her health. The best way to utilize this elemental skill is to use characters that can give you buffs when they are off-field. Some of the best characters for this are Kaeya, Barbara, and Xingqiu.

This team can proc both the Vaporize and Melt reaction which deals 2x and 1.5x damage. The three other characters can also constantly freeze enemies, which is helpful when Hu Tao has low health and her burst is in cooldown.

Stats to Prioritize for Hu Tao

Unlike other characters who benefit greatly from attack% sands, Hu Tao gets better stats with HP. Hu Tao’s elemental skill converts her attacks into Pyro damage and gives her an attack bonus depending on her maximum health.  Below are the best stats to prioritize for each artifact:

  • HP% Sands
  • HP% or Pyro Damage Bonus Goblet
  • HP%, CRIT damage, or CRIT Rate Circlet

Hu Tao’s Best Weapon

As we said before, Hu Tao benefits greatly from getting more HP. So far, her best weapon is the Staff of Homa, which is a 5-star weapon in the limited weapon banner. This weapon increases her HP by 20% and gives her an attack bonus equivalent to her maximum HP.

Otherwise, you can use Dragon’s Bane or Black Tassel. Dragon’s Bane increases Hu Tao’s elemental mastery, making it great for her elemental skill. Black Tassel gives her extra health, and it is one of the most common weapons in the game.

Artifact Options for Hu Tao

You have several artifact options for Hu Tao. As of the moment, the best artifact set for Hu Tao would be 4 pcs. Of Crimson Witch of Flames. However, there are other alternatives and artifact options you can use if you do not have the proper stats yet. Below are the best artifact sets for Hu Tao in order:

  1. 4 pcs. Of Crimson Witch of Flames
  2. 4 pcs. Of Shimenawa’s Reminiscence
  3. 2pcs. Crimson Witch of Flames and 2 pcs. Wanderer’s Troupe
  4. 2 pcs. Crimson Witch of Flames and 2 pcs. Noblesse Oblige
  5. 4 pcs. Retracing Bolide

The last artifact set is only useful if you have a consistent shield character like Zhongli or Diona on your team. You can switch out Barbara with Diona if you choose to go with this set.

Hu Tao’s Talents

Hu Tao relies heavily on her elemental skill which can have its drawbacks. As a burst damage dealer, it is best to have a consistent support team that you can swap into when her skills are on cooldown. Below are Hu Tao’s talents and passives:

  • Secret Spear of Wangsheng: This is Hu Tao’s normal, plunging, and charged attack.
  • Guide to Afterlife: Activating this elemental skill will knock enemies back. Hu Tao will also get an attack bonus based on her maximum HP. The attack damage will then be converted to Pyro damage. She will also have an increased resistance to interruption.
  • Spirit Soother: This is Hu Tao’s elemental burst skill. Using this skill will deal burst Pyro damage on surrounding enemies. Attacking the enemy will regenerate her health and having less than 50% health will increase this skill’s overall damage.

Build for Supporting Characters

The recommended team above is incredibly affordable and only uses 4-star characters. Barbara will act as your main healer in this team. Xingqiu can apply Hydro whenever Barbara’s burst is on cooldown. And lastly, Kaeya can proc Melt reactions with his elemental burst.

  • Xingqiu: Prioritize getting Energy Recharge sands and Hydro damage bonus so you can use his elemental skills consistently. You can choose between 4 pcs. Of Emblem of Severed fate or 4 pcs. Of Noblesse Oblige for his artifact set.
  • Kaeya: Kaeya is a free character obtained at the beginning of the game. Focus on getting Energy Recharge sands, Cryo damage bonus on Goblet, and CRIT rate circlet. You can use 2 pcs. Of Blizzard Strayer and 2 pcs. Of Gladiator’s Finale for his artifact set.
  • Barbara: The only stat you need to prioritize for all of Barbara’s artifacts is HP. You can use 4 pcs. Of  Instructor or 4 pcs. Of Maiden Beloved for her artifact set. However, if you are using the instructor set, you need to cause an elemental reaction to enemies using barbara first then immediately switch to Hu Tao.

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