Genshin Impact: Hyperion’s Dirge World Quest Guide | How To Get Divine Bridle

What we need for this quest are offerings!

The newly added Enkanomiya Islands are full of puzzles and new World Quests for players to explore. One of the it is the Hyperion’s Dirge World Quest. This guide will show you how you can complete the World Quest easily.

How to Get Divine Bridle— Genshin Impact

First, use the central teleport waypoint in the Dainichi Mikoshi Island. Set your time to nighttime and you will see 2 torches on the lower level of the area.

Light up both torches and the wall in front of you will open, revealing a new area.

Go inside and talk to Aberaku and he will tell you that you need to find 3 offerings for him.

  • The first offering is in the central part of the Narrows. You need to get 6 Key Sigils to unlock the seals in this area. After unlocking all the seals, Aberaku will appear. Defeat the incoming enemies and you will unlock a Precious Chest.
  • The second offering is on the southern teleport waypoint in the Serpent’s Heart. Use the key sigils again to unlock all the seals in the area. Then, talk to Aberaku again. You will need to defeat multiple Abyss mages to get the second offering.
  • The last offering is on the central teleport waypoint of the Evernight Temple. Unlock all the seals again and be prepared to fight Rifthound enemies.

Go back to Aberaku in the Dainichi Mikoshi Island and place the offerings on the three temples behind him. Afterwards, a cutscene and a teleportation portal will appear.

Use the teleportation portal and talk to Aberaku again to complete this World Quest!

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