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Genshin Impact: Melted Ice Crystal Locations | Tracker Training

Melt all Ice Crystal Piles!

The new story event of Genshin Impact focuses on Albedo and his experiments in Dragonspine. One of the events in version 2.3 is the Dragonspine Special Training, where you have to melt all Ice Crystal Piles in the area. Here is a guide on how to complete the Dragonspine Special Training. 

All Melted Ice Crystal Locations

First, you have to teleport to the Wyrmrest Valley in Dragonspine, Mondstadt. Go down the cliff and follow the path to the quest area. Use a Pyro character to melt the Ice Piles.

  • You can find 2 Ice Piles at the south of the quest area, near the lake. 
  • The 3rd Ice Pile is near the central area, next to a tree. 
  • The 4th Ice Pile is on the mountainside, near the 3rd Ice Pile.
  • The 5th and 6th Ice Pile is near the broken carriage. 
  • The 7th Ice Pile is in the central area, near the stone platform.
  • You can find the last Ice Pile on the western part of the quest area.

Completing the 1st trial will give you rewards. To begin the 2nd Trial, Teleport on the Dragonspine waypoint near the Frostbearing Tree. Go to the quest area near the ruins.

  • You can find the first 3 Ice Piles near the lake.
  • The 4th to 7th Ice Piles are on the western part of the quest area. 
  • The 8th Ice Pile can be found on the central lake. 


After you complete all the Dragonspine training, you will receive a set of rewards. Below are the rewards you can get for each challenge.

  • Snowman Hands: Chivalrous blueprint
  • 30 Primogems
  • 120 Snowstrider Emblem
  • 1 Snowman Head

You can claim the rewards on the event page by clicking on the Dragonspine Special Training tab. 

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