Genshin Impact: Oceanic Defender Challenge | Beisht Boss Fight Avenger of the Vortex

Complete and defeat the Avenger of the Vortex boss!

As people in Liyue are busy preparing for the Lantern Rite, Ningguang and the others have a plan to lure out Beisht. Beisht is Osial’s wife who is seeking revenge against the Jade Chamber who killed Osial. This guide will show you how you can complete the challenge.

Defender Challenge — Genshin Impact

In update 2.4 of Genshin Impact, you get a new quest that tackles Beisht, the wife of Osial. Beisht is planning to seek revenge and Ningguang lures it out by rebuilding the Jade Chamber.

After completing the quest and defeating Beisht, you can challenge Beisht multiple times in the Defender Challenge event. You will get rewards such as Primogems for defeating Beisht in the challenge.

Go to the event page and select the Ocean Defender challenge. Select Go to Challenge and you will go to the southwestern part of the Guyun Stone Forest.

Be prepared with your best team and start the challenge by entering the Oceanic Defender portal. Your only goal is to defeat Beischt and Beischt has a total of 3 forms.

For the first form, just focus on attacking Beischt until the first health bar goes to zero.

Once it reaches zero, Beischt will dive down. Stay on the edge and underneath its head, attacking while you do so to avoid its attacks.

Once the second health bar is gone, it will transform into its 3rd form. Avoid the falling projectiles and focus your skills on them once it resurfaces.

You will get 60 Primogems for defeating Beisht in the Oceanic Defender challenge.

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