Slap Battles: How to Get Plank Glove + Cranking 90’s Badge

Reach for the skies, and then do it again with the new plank glove!

Slap Battles is a game all about slapping people off the map, and it features special gloves that have their own unique passive or active abilities. The latest update added the Plank Glove, which can be acquired by getting the very easy Cranking 90’s achievement. Here is a quick guide on how you can get it yourself!

How to Get Plank Glove + Cranking 90’s Badge

In order to get the required achievement, you must first equip the Fort Glove. This will give you the ability to create walls, which will come in handy for what you need to do next.

Slap Battles player standing beside the fort glove pedestal

Basically, to get the Cranking 90’s Badge, you will have to reach the highest point of the map in the normal arena. Using the Fort Glove, you must create several walls to form a sort of janky staircase to the heavens.

This will be much easier if you have at least one other player to help you, preferably somebody with a Fort Glove as well. With another player’s help, you can jump on their head to reach your first wall, allowing you to start creating the staircase.

Slap Battles players working together to make stairs

Keep creating new walls connected to the previous one and make your way up. Take it slow so you don’t fall down, as you will have to start over if you do.

Just continue to do this until you can no longer jump up or create new walls. Eventually, the Cranking 90’s Badge notification should pop up in the lower right. Once that happens, you will have unlocked the Plank Glove!

Slap Battles player reaching the map's height limit

What Does the Plank Glove Do?

The Plank Glove, as the name implies, will allow you to spawn planks of varying sizes depending on how long you hold the button. This can be used to create bridges or ramps, and you can even help people get the Cranking 90’s Badge with it.

Basically, the longer you hold it, the bigger the plank. The downside for this particular glove is that you are completely vulnerable as you are holding the button. Because of this, try not to make planks that are too long while there are other players near you.

Slap Battles players testing out the new plank glove

And that is pretty much it for this badge and what the new glove does, you really just need the help of a few people to get it done quickly. While you are here, consider checking out our guide on how to get frostbite in Slap Battles as well!


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