Genshin Impact: Wondrous Shadows Part 3 All 3 Lantern Riddles

Let’s get rotating and complete these lantern puzzles!

Lantern Rite is now in full swing, and there are numerous events you can participate in. The Wondrous Shadows event plays with the illusion of shadows to create puzzles for players. This guide will show you how to solve all 3 Lantern Riddles in Part 3 of Wondrous Shadows.

Wondrous Shadows Part 3 — Genshin Impact

You will need to complete the first and second parts of the Wondrous Shadows before you can attempt the third part. Just like before, go to the Liyue Harbor and interact with the lantern to start solving the puzzle.

The third part of the Wondrous Shadows can be challenging because there are multiple components that you need to move to solve the puzzle.

You can turn and move Segment 1 and Segment 2. Once you lock the shadows in, you can then turn the full image and move both segments to solve the puzzle.

  • For the first puzzle, you need to turn both segments and the full image to create the image above. The solution for the first puzzle is a deer.
  • Let’s try the second puzzle next, you need to turn the segments until it matches the photo above. You will then need to rotate the full image so both segments will join together and form a Blooming Flower.
  • The last puzzle is one of the most challenging ones. It has 3 segments and you have to rotate them until it matches the photo above. Lock the second segment shadow and rotate the full image until it forms the Crane.

For each puzzle you solve, you will get 3 Hero’s Wit, 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore, and 30,000 Mora.

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