Genshin Impact: Relics Of Seirai World Quest Guide (Puzzle Solutions)

Solve some puzzles and get some treasure!

The developers of Genshin Impact have released the 2.1 patch for the game that adds in a whole new archipelago! With a lot of land to explore and many quests and puzzles on the way, some might need a helping hand here and there. And that is what ItemLevel is here to do! We will show you in this quick and simple guide how to solve the puzzles for the Relics of Seirai Quest and how to finish it in record time! Let’s get into it…

Relics Of Seirai World Quest Guide (Puzzle Solutions) – Genshin Impact

You will get this quest from Fujiwara Toshiko in the Kaseki Village, after you save her from some monsters.

You will get a quest marker that will lead you to the first puzzle. To start the puzzle, activate the lever next to Fujiwara.

You will see 3 wooden tiles on the floor that light up if you walk over them like this:

To solve it, walk over the one in front of Fujiwara, then the one to the right and then the one to the left. Once that is done, a hole will open in the ground and you’ll find the second puzzle. More wooden tiles.

Activate the puzzle by pushing the lever next to Fujiwara again and start walking on the tiles from the first corner to the left as you look at her.

Follow the pattern shown in the picture above and you’ll finish the puzzle successfully for the first time. When it’s done, you’ll have to do it again, but in a different pattern.

This time you will have to start from the corner to the right as you look at Fujiwara. Don’t forget to start the mechanism first.

Follow the pattern shown above using the red arrows and you’d have finished the puzzle sections of the quest.

Fujiwara will kinda not want to give you the treasure and you’ll have to follow her around.

Next, you just need to follow the quest markers, beat some monsters up, one or two bosses, and you’ll be done!

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