Genshin Impact: Salacia Plain Red Barrier Hydroculus Puzzle Guide

Playing around with the currents!

Genshin Impact Salacia Plain Puzzle

Genshin Impact loves their puzzles and of course the new Fontaine region has a lot of puzzles as well. At least it’s not as much as Inazuma, but there’s still a lot of them. Even in the underwater parts, we can’t escape the horrors of doing puzzles. We still do it though because there’s loot to be had and we want that dopamine hit!

In this guide, we’ll show you how to do the Hydrocolus Puzzle in the Salacia Plain in Fontaine. Now, get ready to get wet and bring a blue scuttle bug with you if you can. We’ll be solving another barrier puzzle!

Salacia Plain Red Barrier Hydroculus Puzzle Guide

You can find this Hydroculus Puzzle in the Salacia Plain just southeast of the Court of Fontaine. When you look at the map, find the circular structure just northeast of the name of the area. You can use the image below as a reference.

Genshin Impact Salicia Plains Puzzle Map Location

When you get to the puzzle area, you’ll need find one of those blue Scuttle Bugs and get their power. There is a couple walking around the place, so it won’t be difficult to find. Use the normal attack to get their power.

You’ll then need to go to the left of the structure where there’s a blue gem. Go near it and use your E Ability (or Skill button for mobile and console players) to create a shockwave and activate the mechanism. This will push the orb forward.

Genshin Impact Gem To Use Shield

Now, look down and you’ll see the ring where you need the orb to be. Use your Normal Attack and hold it down and shoot at the ring’s base to activate a current. This will pull the orb downwards and into the ring.

Genshin Impact Ring Current

The next step of the puzzle is to go to the broken bridge in front of the structure. There, you’ll find a current that is pushing the orb downwards. Use the main attack again to change the current upwards.

Genshin Impact Broken Underwater Bridge

Then use the Shield and block the current, so that the ball orb will fit right into the ring.

Genshin Impact Salacia Plain Orb

With the two orbs in place, you can now go to the barrier of the structure and interact with the two mechanisms there. Once you’ve interacted with it, the barrier will change to blue, and you can then go inside!

Genshin Impact Interact Red Barrier

That’s how you solve this particular puzzle in Genshin Impact. Now, go out there and try to do it yourself. Make sure to go check out our guide on The Three Primary Colors of the Solar Corona quest if you haven’t already.

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