Genshin Impact: Where To Sell The Dragonbone Orb | What Is Dragonbone Orb

Dragonbone Orb for sale! Any takers?

If you ever come across and complete the Lotus Eater quest, you may be wondering what exactly is the use of a Dragonbone Orb. Can you sell it? Absolutely! Here is where you can sell the Dragonbone Orb and how you can get it in the first place.

Where to Sell The Dragonbone Orb — Genshin Impact

First, we need to know what the Dragonbone Orb is. The Dragonbone Orb is one of the rewards you can get after completing the hidden world quest called “Lotus Eater”.

Once the server resets and the lotus has bloomed, it will reveal a Dragonbone Orb. But what can you do with it?

You can sell the Dragonbone Orb to different people in different regions. The value of it will not increase but the dishes accompanying it will.

If you sell the Dragonbone Orb to Marjorie, the souvenir shop in Mondstadt, you will get 80,000 Mora and 5 Moon Pies.

You can also sell it to Linlang in Liyue Harbor, which is the antique shop beside the souvenir shop in Liyue. Linlang will give you 80,000 Mora and 5 Bountiful Years.

Lastly, you can go to Inazuma City and talk to Mikoshi, who is the owner of Netsuke No Gen Crafts. He will buy it from you for 80,000 Mora and 5 Sashimi Platters.

And that is how you can sell off the Dragonbone Orb! Have fun collecting that 80,000 Mora and tons of dishes!

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