God Of War Ragnarok: How To Get Divine Ashes

Obtain the Divine Ashes!

To get better gear in God Of War, you will put in some effort. There are various resources that players need to find and obtain in order to take the gear. So, follow our guide, and we will tell you how to find the Divine Ashes.

How To Get Divine Ashes – God Of War Ragnarok

You are not going to find the Divine Ashes that easily and anywhere. The only place that can be found is in Muspelheim. If you are ready to take the challenge, then follow us and find out where to obtain the Divine Ashes.

  1. Open The Gate

    First, you will head in the Modvitnir’s Rig near the ocean. Then, you will climb up the wall and solve the puzzle. You will hit the spinning circle, and the gate will open.

  2. Climb Up The Wall

    Once you have done that, head forward and jump the gap. Then, you will jump on the wall and head right. After that, head up, and once you are at the top, open the chest.

  3. Head to Freyr’s Camp

    Once you are there, you will head left and go straight to break the wall. Then, throw your spare to the wall and go open the second chest.

  4. Go To Muspelheim

    Once you are there, head to the Crucible and complete all the challenges. Make sure to prepare well for the fights. Find the sword and select the challenges and complete them one by one.

With that being said, prepare well for the challenges and obtain the Divine Ashes. Now that you know, head back in the game and complete all the challenges and get the Divine Ashes.

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