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Need For Speed Unbound: Duncan Bay All Collectible Locations

Find out all the collectibles with our guide!

Need For Speed Unbound is the newest expansion of the Need For Speed franchise. It is an amazing game where you control and choose your favorite car and participate in street races. In Need For Speed Unbound, you will go pretty fast most of your time, so you might miss some collectibles. So, if you want to find all Duncan Bay collectibles, stick with our guide, and we will show you that.

Duncan Bay All Collectible Locations – Need For Speed Unbound

Duncan Bay has a total of six collectibles that players need to find. There are four Bear Champs and two Street Arts. So, let’s dive into the guide and see where are they hidden.

Bear Champ #1

This is where you will find the first Bear Champ collectible. It is located under a canopy right next to the small house.

Street Art #1

Once you are at the destination, you will see a big building with Street Art on the wall.

Bear Champ #2

The second Bear Champ is very close to the Street Art. Once you are on the road, take a right and bump into the obstacles, and right next to a tractor will be placed the Bear.

Bear Champ #3

When you reach there, you will go inside the junkyard factory, and there you will find the next Bear.

Street Art #2

The second Street Art is on the same road as the Bear Champ. Once you reach the destination, you will find containers, and right next to them, they will be placed on the wall of the house.

Bear Champ #4

There will be two big buildings and one village. The Bear will be right next to the village.

These are all the collectibles in Duncan Bay. Now that you know where to find them, go out there and try finding them by yourself. Have fun while finding them.

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