GPO: Boneshiver Guide & Showcase (PVP)

First craftable weapon huh?

Boneshiver is a Legendary Melee Weapon in Grand Piece Online, that, unlike other weapons, can be created by Blacksmith Sen instead of using a blueprint. While the weapon serves as an upgrade for the Kiribachi, it differs from its predecessor in that it scales off Strength Stat rather than Sword Mastery. In this guide, we are going to take look at and showcase the abilities of this weapon.

Boneshiver Guide

The Boneshiver sword blueprint is dropped by Megadolon in Second Sea. Megalodon is a new boss that has been recently added to the game.

Once you get your Boneshiver Blueprint, you can go to the blacksmith and craft your weapon. It is the first craftable weapon in the game, and it has three moves in total. Let’s take a look at each move and see how good is this weapon for PvP.

Using Boneshiver sword in GPO.

Boneshiver Moves

  • M1 – Rib Smash: Just a basic M1, it does not require any Sword Mastery or stamina.
  • E Move – Bone Frenzy: Whirring up, the wielder dives into a coarse frenzy, harming everything in their path and moving incredibly fast. It requires 35 strength. It also requires 35 stamina at start, then +1 per second.
  • F Move – Block: Lunging forward the use slams into the enemies’ chest before slamming them to the floor. It requires 55 Strength, and 25 Stamina.
Boneshiver moves in GPO.

Overall, we can say that the Boneshiver Sword is a good one to have for your character in Grand Piece Online. It has strong moves that will put you in advantage during PvP, and it is simple to obtain as well.


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