GPO: How To AFK Farm Santa Presents

You can still get presents while doing nothing!

GPO: How To AFK Farm Santa Presents

The Christmas Event 2023 has the Santa Sleigh going around each island in Grand Piece Online. He will have a chance of dropping presents for players to collect.

In this guide, we will show you one method that can help you obtain these gifts while you are AFK. Keep in mind that this method won’t work infinitely but will last for at most one hour or two.

How To AFK Farm Santa Presents

First, you’ll need to wait for Santa to randomly go on an island that has no NPCs. Some examples are:

After that, spawn your Kraken or Sea Beast and let the boss attack Santa. With the boss attacking Santa, you do not have to go around or keep up with him.

After a short while, Santa will drop a present and you can open it!

When Santa respawns, the monster will continue to chase Santa and attack him. No matter how far you are away from Santa, you will still receive the present.

This is why this method is great for players who look to AFK farm the presents!

However, keep in mind that once Santa gets to an Island with NPC or an Island that’s higher up, this method will no longer work.

If this happens, the monster can no longer chase Santa and will respawn after a short duration.

GPO: How To AFK Farm Santa Presents

That’s how you can AFK Farm Santa Presents in Roblox GPO. As long as Santa doesn’t go to big islands and go to only small ones, this method can go on for quite a long time. The monster you spawn will lose 1 health per second, so remember to check your game once in a while.

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