House Of Ashes: Full Clearance Trophy | Achievement Guide

I have full clearance access by the way!

As the group falls into the underground, they discover an ancient temple instead of weapon storage. Now they must struggle to find their way up while battling mysterious monsters in the dark. Will your choices save Clarice? Or will it make things worse?

Top of Chasm

In the Bloodbath chapter as Rachel, you will meet Clarice at the top of the Chasm. When she asks you whether those medicines will help her, choose the Reassuring option that says “Keep it together”. After this dialogue, Choose to help her and give the rope to her. 

The Signal Choices

In the Signal, choose the Defiant choice that says “It’s not your Decision” as Rachel. Afterward, choose the Worried option and tell Jason to not do it. In the Assault chapter, choose the Defiant option as Nick and say that Clarice is one of the team. 

After this, choose the Optimistic option that says “We can’t give up hope”. Before the Assault chapter ends, Clarice will attack and kill Eric automatically. Keep in mind that you will not get any quick-time events for this. Afterward, you will get the Full Clearance trophy. 

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