Grimoires Era: All Bosses Guide (Location & Drops)

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Grimoires Era is a Black Clover-inspired game that offers the players a deep, immersive, and vast experience. It is already one of the most popular games on the platform, and it has so many things that you can discover. In the game, there are a couple of bosses who are going to drop some important items for you to collect and use for your own advantage.

Each boss will drop a valuable item for you to get your hands on. As a result, it is essential to know where they are and what they can give you. In this guide, we are going to talk about the location and drops of all the bosses in the Grimoires Era.

All Bosses Guide (Location & Drops)

There are currently six bosses that you can locate and fight against to get various items in the Grimoires Era. While some of them drop swords, some will drop really good accessories for you. We are going to talk about each one of them separately.

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If you are looking for a certain boss, feel free to take a look at the table of contents below.

Evil Old Man

The Evil Old Man is the first boss we are going to talk about in this guide. It is located close to the spawn area. Because of this, it is the easiest one to find.

We are going to talk about its drops, but first, take a look at the picture below to see its exact location. There will be a little map on the bottom right of each picture to make it easier for you to see the location of the bosses.

Evil Old Man Location in Grimoires Era.

This boss only has one drop. It is a common sword named Mace. As you might guess from its rarity, it is not too difficult to obtain. The Evil Old Man will have a 30% chance of dropping this weapon.

Evil Old Man drops in Grimoires Era.

The mace sword has one skill that you can use. It is the Mace-Slam. When you use this skill, you are going to slam your sword to the ground. Doing this will create a small area of damage and deal 1092 damage in total. Any opponent that is in line with the effect will be affected and damaged.

Mace-Slam skill in Grimoires Era.

Fire Wizard

The Fire Wizard is located all the way to the right side of the island. Unfortunately, this boss does not drop any weapons. Instead, it drops two accessories.

Even though getting different weapons and having a chance to use cool skills is good, these two accessories can be very useful as well.

Fire Wizard Location in Grimoires Era.

The two accessories that you can get from Fire Wizard are Bracelets and Necklace. Let’s see what kind of benefits these two accessories will provide you with:

  • Bracelets: This is a common item with a 30% drop chance. It gives the wearer +100 mana.
  • Necklace: The necklace is also a common item that has a 30% drop chance. Upon wearing it, you are going to gain +100 health.

The buffs these accessories give you might not look like they are too much, but they can be very crucial when you need some extra mana or health during a battle.

Fire Wizard drops in Grimoires Era.

Corrupt Wizard

The Corrupt Wizard is located to the northwest of the spawn point. This boss also only has one item drop. And just like the Fire Wizard’s drops, it is an accessory too.

However, what makes this boss important is that the accessory it will give you is actually very good and beneficial.

Corrupt Wizard Location in Grimoires Era.

Corrupt Wizard’s only drop, the scarf, is an uncommon item. This means that this item has a 20% chance of being dropped by this boss. The player who wears it gains +200 health, which might come in very handy when you are battling with enemies.

Corrupt Wizard drops in Grimoires Era.

Bandit Royal

If you are looking for another weapon drop, do not worry about it; here it is. The Bandit Royal boss is located to the southwest of the spawn point.

Bandit Royal Location in Grimoires Era.

The Bandit Royal boss has only one drop. It is a sword named silver sword. This sword is a common rarity weapon that has a 30% chance of being dropped.

Just like the mace sword, the silver word has one move that you can use. This move is the sword cut. When you use this move, you send a damage-dealing cut move to your opponent and deal 819 damage.

Bandit Royal drops in Grimoires Era.

Corrupt Noble Man

The Corrupt Noble Man is another boss who is going to drop a sword for you. It is pretty close to the Corrupt Wizard and located to the north of the spawn point.

Corrupt Noble Man Location in Grimoires Era.

This boss also drops only one item. However, this time, it is an uncommon sword. The drop of this boss is the Sai sword. This weapon has a 20% chance of being dropped.

The Sai also has one skill. It is called the Sai cut. It is pretty similar to the silver sword’s skill. However, this sword is a two-handed sword, and it deals 1092 damage to the opponent.

Corrupt Noble Man drops in Grimoires Era.

Exiled Magic Captain

The last boss we have is the Exiled Magic Captain. It is located to the south of the spawn point. This boss has the rarest and the best item drops among all the bosses in the game.

Exiled Magic Captain Location in Grimoires Era.

The Exiled Magic Captain drops two accessories with very good attributes. Let’s see each one of them below.

  • Wizard Hat: This accessory is a rare headpiece that has only a 10% drop rate. It gives the wearer +500 health. Which is an extremely good buff.
  • Mana Glasses: These glasses are rare as well. Meaning that it also has a 10% drop chance. Upon wearing it, the player gains +500 mana.

Since this boss drops the best items among all other bosses, it is also the most difficult one to beat.

Exiled Magic Captain drops in Grimoires Era.

These are all the bosses in the Grimoires Era at the moment. Hopefully, this guide has helped you find their locations and get a good idea about their drops. If you think this guide was helpful, feel free to look at our other Grimoires Era guides. Such as the Stat Reset Location & Best Money Quest, Broom Location, and Grimoire Tower & Store Grimoires.


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