Grimoires Era: How To Get Broom Location (Update 1)

They moved this NPC with the new update!

Grimoires Era How To Get Broom Location (Update 1)

Developers often add or change stuff in new updates and sometimes they redesign entire areas. It’s all part of game development and a normal occurrence in live service games. Even indie development and Roblox games have this.

In Grimoires Era, the big Update 1 has changed quite a few things from the base release of the game. Among the big changes is the place where you can find the Broom, an item that lets you fly in the game.

In this guide, we’ll show you where the new location for the BroomGuy NPC is in Update 1. It’s a bit harder to get to him now so let’s see where he is!

How To Get Broom Location (Update 1)

With the new Update 1, the Grimoires Era developers have moved some things around. One of the NPCs that they’ve moved is the BroomGuy which sells the Broom to you. You’ll need that to fly around the map and make traveling easier in the game.

SIDE NOTE: Brooms aren’t the only way you can fly in this game. One of the Grimoires lets you fly too, so here’s a detailed guide on all the Grimoires in the game!

To go to the Broom Guy location, you’ll want to head to the Church area in the town. Facing the church go to the left and continue going forward.

You’ll soon see the area shown below, continue moving forward until you reach that area. You’ll see a staircase that heads upwards, go up the stairs to continue.

Once you’re up the stairs, you’ll see this open area with a pillar of dirt in the middle. On top of that is the BroomGuy NPC. At one of the sides of the pillar are sticks jutting out and you’ll need to parkour your way up there.

Once you get there though, you can finally talk to the NPC and get yourself a broom! Buying a broom will cost you 2,000 yen just like before Update 1.

That’s where you can find the Broom location in Grimoires Era. Now go out there and try to get there yourself! To get the broom you’ll need to farm 2,000 yen so here’s a detailed guide on how to best farm in the game!


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