Grimoires Era: Stat Reset Location & Best Money Quest Location

Learn how to reset your stats and make bank in Grimoires Era!

Grimoires Era was recently updated, and a lot of new and useful features were added. We have a full Grimoires Era Update 1 guide showing all of the changes, and in this article, we’ll show you the exact location of the stat reset NPC and one of the best new ways to make money in the game!

Stat Reset Location & Best Money Quest Location

The Stat Reset is accessed through the Rick NPC, I’ll provide an image below which shows how to exactly get to his location (just a few walks from Spawn).

We’re going to keep this really quick, so you can get to your destination as fast as possible. First, from the spawn area, turn to the side where the Daily Reward circle is (west).

Grimoires Era spawn area with the camera pointed at the west, with the daily reward spot highlighted

Follow the road going up this direction, just to the left of where the daily reward circle is at. The NPC you need to go to is right below a building just ahead. Here is the short path you have to follow from the spawn:

Grimoires Era the exact path you need to follow in order to reach Rick

The strange looking NPC standing here is called Rick. He is the stat reset guy, and all you need to do is speak with him and pay him 50,000 Yen to reset all of your points.

Grimoires Era standing beside Rick, the stat reset npc

Best Money Quest Location

Now, to get to the new best money-making method in Grimoires Era, head back over to the spawn area. From here, face north, where the Blacksmith is located. Just run straight forward.

Literally, just hold W and jump over obstacles. You will get to where you need to be without over complicating it.

Grimoires Era spawn area facing towards the north with the blacksmith highlighted

Eventually, you will reach a part of the road that is marked by torches. Turn right and continue following the torch-lined road. You will eventually reach a fork in the road.

Grimoires Era torch-lined road leading to the money making quest location

Once you reach the fork in the road, do not follow either path. Instead, run straight up the stairs past the quest giver NPC. Head towards the NPC that you see in the distance just up ahead.

Grimoires Era fork in the road with stairs leading up to the mine

This NPC is named Roger, and he will give you a repeatable quest to gather 30 minerals from the cave right behind him. Just equip the pickaxe in your inventory and start clicking on the glowing rocks.

However, it should be noted that this quest requires you to be level 400 before you can attempt it. So, you’ll need to grind up quite a bit before you can start farming money.

Here is our updated guide on the Best Grimoires for Farming in Grimoires Era to help with your level grinding journey.

Grimoires Era standing in front of the mine where roger hangs out at

And that is everything you need to know when it comes to resetting your stats and making money in the latest update of Grimoires Era! Check out this updated guide on how to get the broom as well, as the NPC’s location was changed in this patch!


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