Grimoires Era: All Incoming Magics in Update 2

They look cool!

Grimoires Era‘s second update has already been announced, and there are some sneak peeks that give us a little idea of what to expect from the newest update. There is no doubt that the magical grimoires are the best part of the Grimoires Era, and all the players are excited to see new magics in the game. Luckily, we have some ideas about which new magical grimoires will be added to the game with this new update. Let’s see all incoming magics in the Grimoires Era!

All Incoming Magics

The theories about the new magics are all centered around the theories and sneak peeks given by the game developers. However, we are sure that this update will add at least two magical grimoires to the game.

These two new magical grimoires are Lightning Magic and Fireball Magic. The name might change, but it is going to be basically about these two elements.

Lightning and Fireball grimoires in Grimoires Era.

So, we are sure that these two magics will join the game. However, there are two other grimoires that might surprise you in this update.

A while ago, Grimoires Era’s game developers shared an art sneak peek about two Grimoires. One of them is the Chain Magic, and the other is Light Magic.

Chain magic in Grimoires Era.

The Chain Magic has a high possibility of being added to the game with this update. The reason behind this thought is that you can actually see a chain move in one of the sneak peeks.

Chain magic move in Grimoires Era.

This is everything we know about all the incoming magics in Update 2 of the Grimoires Era at the moment. Hopefully, the update gets released soon, and the players can get those new sweet grimoires right away!

We are not sure how good they will be, but there is a chance that they might steal the fame from some other grimoires, just like Sword Magic did to Anti-Magic!


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