Grimoires Era: Sword Magic & Light Magic Guide & Showcase

This grimoire might be the best one!

There is a new grimoire available in the Grimoires Era. With the release of the game’s first update, players can now add a new grimoire to their collections. This grimoire is classified as Sword Magic and is also known as Light Magic. Let’s see what this grimoire has to offer its owners as it has already grown to be a favorite among certain players.

Sword Magic & Light Magic

A short while after its release, the Grimoires Era got its first big Update 1 The Update 1 added a lot of things to the game, but one of the most important ones is the new grimoire. The Sword Magic Grimoire is a Mythical grimoire with a set of incredible benefits.

With so many different things you can do with the grimoire, it has an excellent range. It enables you to both get a cool and powerful sword and transform your moves to become even stronger.

Sword Magic moveset in Grimoires Era.

Sword Magic Abilities

The Sword Magic, like all other grimoires in the Grimoires Era, allows you to perform a specific set of movements. There are four moves you can use before the transformation, and three more after transforming your magic.

  • Z Move (Sword-Cut): It allows you to perform a rapid double-cut on the enemy.
  • X Move (Sword-Barrage): Allows you to aim the triple slashes with great accuracy and range.
  • C Move (Sword-Invoke): It lets you summon a sword and change your M1 hits.
  • V Move (Sword-Transformation): It alters your skills into more versatile and strong movements.

Once you use the Sword Transformation skill, your skills will transform and change to the skills below.

  • Z Move (Sword-Area): With a broad range of motion, you can aim and slash forward multiple times.
  • X Move (Sword Shield): It enables you to be invincible for five seconds.
  • C Move (Sword-Storm): An extremely potent long-range strike in which you send a sword line that pierces through everything.
Sword Magic transformed moves in Grimoires Era.

These are all the moves of the new Sword Magic in the Grimoires Era. With all these cool moves, a lot of players wonder if Sword Magic is better than the Anti-Magic Grimoire. Feel free to share your own opinion on this by leaving a comment below.


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