Grimoires Era: Sword Magic VS Anti Magic | Which Is Better?

Do we still call Anti-Magic a type of Magic?

Grimoires Era Sword Magic VS Anti Magic Which Is Better

When it comes to different weapon or skill builds in RPGs there’s always that one question: What’s the best one? Often players go through this debate time in different games, from big triple-A games like Skyrim to small indie games like Roblox.

In Grimoires Era, there are two top magics in the game, Sword Magic and Anti-Magic. Since Wind Magic has been nerfed, there’s no question that both of them are the best in the game. But which one is better?

In this guide, we’ll show you which one of the two best magics in the game is better. We’ll go through the strengths of both and what you can maximize with one of them!

Sword Magic VS Anti Magic | Which Is Better?

With the recent nerfs to Wind magic, there’s been an ongoing debate in the Grimoires Era player base on which is the best magic. While the very rare Wind Magic is still there in S-tier, there are two other magics with it. One is Anti-Magic and the other is Sword Magic, so which is better?

SIDE NOTE: Don’t know what the best and worst magics are in the game? Here’s a detailed tier list of the best magic choices in the game!!

Sword Magic Versus Anti-Magic

Both types of magic, yes I’m calling Anti-Magic still magic, are classified in the game as Mythical. Being the rarest forms you can get, of course, they’ll be strong, right? But what’s the strongest out of the two? Turns out it’s Sword Magic, if you have the right sword that is.

Grimoires Era Sword Magic

It all depends on the gear of the Sword Magic user. That’s because if you’re willing to spend some Robux on the game and get the Imperial Sword, then Sword Magic is the clear winner. With the combination of the spells and abilities of the swords, you can be unstoppable.

Grimoires Era Anti Magic

Anti-Magic can be great too, especially with most of its moves having more range than Sword Magic users at times. If you can keep the pressure and don’t let the enemy get close to do combos, you can win against them.

The main power of Sword Magic comes when combined with the Imperial Sword. The moves can easily be combined into great combos. Not to mention you can also heal yourself when it gets tough.

That’s why Sword Magic is better than Anti-Magic in Grimoires Era. Of course, most of it also relies on the skill of the player. Now go out there and try to get these two magics out! Make sure to know where to store Grimoires with our detailed guide on where the Grimoire Tower is and where to store them!


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