Grimoires Era: Complete Dungeon Update Guide (Code, Location, & More)

What came with the game’s latest update? Let’s find out!

The Black Clover-inspired Roblox game, Grimoires Era, just released a huge update that came with a ton of new features that all players are bound to enjoy! In this article, we will be covering all of the new stuff you can look forward to once you hop back in and check the update out.

Complete Dungeon Update Guide (Code, Location, & More)

Before we get to all the juicy stuff, let’s get some of the more minor changes out of the way. Specifically, an emote wheel (open by pressing the “.” button) has been added to the game, which I guess you might enjoy if you’re into those.

There is also a new Lightning Orb that is fairly hard to get. It can be used to unlock the transformation for Lightning Magic users, so try and find one if that’s the grimoire you’re using.

Aside from that, a handful of new codes are also available, just in time for the release of a new magic set that we’ll go through further down this guide. Here are all three of them:

  • DUNGEONS – Gives you 10 Grimoire spins
  • TIMEMAGIC – Gives you 50 Grimoire spins
  • FUNZY – Gives you 10 Aura spins and 10 Race spins

Lastly, for a limited time (of which I’m not sure how long), there is a double EXP and Yen event going on. So, hop on in and start grinding while it’s up, cause this is the perfect time to do so!

Normally, I’d advise you to do the highest level quest that you can at the moment, but if you’re more in need of money, check out our guide on the fastest way to get Yen in Grimoires Era!

Grimoires Era emote wheel interface when activated

New Grimoire – Time Magic

One of the most notable additions to the latest update is the introduction of Time Magic. It has a rarity of Mythical, which means you only have a 0.1% chance of potentially getting it from grimoire spins.

Hopefully you’re luckier than I am, because I stored my Wind grimoire and tried spinning for Time Magic. After using up all of the 60 free spins from the codes, I only ended up on Bronze Magic.

Just in case you don’t know how to store your current magic, check out our guide on where you can store grimoires. Everyone gets one free slot, so you can take advantage of this feature any time!

Grimoires Era grimoire spinning interface

New Dungeon System & Keys

The main attraction of this patch is the dungeon system. In order to participate in it, you will have to find the Dungeon NPC, which is standing in a new area in a relatively high level zone. If you are unsure of where he is, read on for more information:

Finding the Dungeon Guy

To get to the Dungeon, I’ll quickly guide you there through the starting town. Back at the very main spawn area, look towards the Blacksmith and then fly straight through the mountains.

If you are around the level 700 range, the compass button should point you in the same direction, as the quest NPC you need to grind will be close to the dungeon entrance.

my Grimoires Era character flying over starting town with direction arrow

Once you reach the Broom Guy, who gives you the quest that will enable you to fly around the map (make sure to do this if you haven’t already), continue down the path that is marked by torches.

my Grimoires Era character flying near the broom NPC with direction arrow

Eventually, you will reach Quest Giver 8, also known as the NPC who caters to level 700+ players. Once you make it to this person, walk up the stairs and go past the Low Mana Knights hanging around.

Follow where the arrow in the image below is pointing, and just continue going down that path. The road does not continue here. Instead, you have to jump over a hill and walk through a tight grassy alleyway.

my Grimoires Era standing near quest giver 8 with direction arrow

Once you reach the end of the narrow path, turn to your left, where you will find a large stone structure and a big doorway. To the left of the doorway, you will find the Dungeon Guy, who is hiding in a corner.

my Grimoires Era character standing near the dungeon entrance

Entering the Dungeon Itself

Finding the Dungeon Guy is not going to be enough. In order to participate in this activity, you need to find a Crystal Key. This is a rare item that can drop from supposedly any boss in the game.

Getting one will be pretty tough if you’re in a busy server, because all of them have lengthy respawn timers, even for the low level ones.

The basic premise of the dungeon is that you have to defeat a lot of very powerful enemies, including a tough raid boss at the end. Make sure to equip your best Grimoire and check if your level is high enough to actually beat these foes!

If you are really lucky, you can get the new Lightning Orb from the final boss. Be warned though, as dungeons might be bugged as of writing this, so hold on to your keys until an announcement is made that it’s completely fixed.

Grimoires Era player fighting the dungeon final boss

And that is everything we know about the latest update so far, including the issues that came with it that could affect your enjoyment of the new content. While you are still here, check out our article on the upcoming magic sets for Update 2 of Grimoires Era to get a sneak peek of what’s to come!


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