Grimoires Era: Mining NPC Location + Fastest Way To Get Yen

You are going to be so rich.

There is a very entertaining and easy new way to get Yen in the Grimoires Era! With the release of the newest update to the game, a Mining NPC is added to the game. This NPC is going to ask you to farm some vegetables for him, and he will give you a very good amount of Yen in return. In this guide, we are going to talk about the new Mining NPC location as well as some other good ways to get Yen quickly in the game.

Mining NPC Location

Finding the Mining NPC in the Grimoires Era will not be a problem at all. It is pretty close to the Farming NPC close to the blacksmith spawn point.

In order to find it, simply walk towards the blacksmith from the spawn point, take the stairs, and then go straight ahead until you see the Farming NPC in front of you.

Mining NPC location directions in Grimoires Era.

From the Farming NPC, simply go to the north-east, and keep going for a while. You will eventually find the Mining NPC, standing in front of a cave.

Once you interact with him, he is going to ask you to collect 30 minerals for him. By doing that, you are going to get 1500 Yen. If you have a 2x Yen buff, feel free to use it to double this amount.

Equipping the pickaxe in Grimoires Era.

Fastest Way to Get Yen

Your pickaxe will be added to your inventory after you talk with the Mining NPC, Roger. After you equip it, just go inside the cave. Then, use your pickaxe to gather the minerals. This process will be very quick. This quest is repeatable; thus, you can get it whenever you want to earn more yen.

Completing the Mining NPC’s quest is the fastest way to earn yen at the moment. However, this quest is not going to be available for players who have a low level. You need to have at least 400 level to be able to get the quest from this NPC.

Mining minerals in Grimoires Era.

Easiest Way to Get Yen for Beginners

Since the Mining NPC can only be useful for advanced players, let’s see how you are going to get yen quickly if you are at a lower level.

Go back to the Farming NPC named Popo. When you interact with him, he is going to ask you if you would like to farm some vegetables for him. Choose the option “Right Away!” to accept the quest.

Once you get the quest, a small progression bar will appear in the bottom left corner of your screen. You are going to need to farm 30 vegetables, and Popo will give you 500 Yen for it. If you have the 2x Yen buff, this amount will be 1000 Yen.

Getting hoe from farming npc in Grimoires Era.

How to Farm Vegetables

To farm the vegetables, all you need is a hoe. Which will be automatically added to your inventory once you accept the quest. Check out your inventory, and you are going to see it there.

After equipping your hoe, just go to the farm area in front of the Farming NPC. You can farm vegetables by using your hoe on the farm. Once you collect enough, you are going to get your reward.

This quest is repeatable. Therefore, you can take it again to get more Yen.

Farming in Grimoires Era.

While using this method, you do not even have to walk around all the little farms. The vegetables will spawn in the same spot, and they will respawn very quickly. Therefore, you can just stand somewhere and use auto-click to finish it easily.

Fastest way to get yen in Grimoires Era.

This is how you are going to find the new Mining NPC in Grimoires Era. The mining method is the fastest way to get yen right now, so make sure to get your level up and get the quest as soon as possible.

Remember that there are other very beneficial NPCs you can find around the map. Check out our guide on All NPC & Quest Givers to learn all about them.


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