Project Zomboid: How To Destroy Walls

Show those Walls who’s the boss!

You can build a lot of things in Project Zomboid. You will have tons of building options and be able to craft the best-looking bases ever. Sometimes though, you will need to destroy something. This can either be for building or for taking down a wall to save yourself from zombies. In this guide, we will show you How to destroy Walls. Let’s get started.

How to Destroy Walls – Project Zomboid

The biggest thing to have and know about destroying walls in Project Zomboid is a Sledgehammer. It is as simple as that. If you want to be bulldozing down a wall without an issue, just go looking for this item.

You can find the Sledgehammer pretty much everything. You can go inside little shacks or industrial areas and garages and find it in there. Or sometimes you will even find it in a normal-looking house. It is a pretty common item to be honest but a very good one.

You can use a Sledgehammer for killing zombies or crafting or destroying walls.

So after you have a Sledgehammer you will equip it in your hands. Then you will need to walk up to the wall that you will need to destroy. You will need to right-click and scroll down to Destroy. It should look like this.

Now once you press the Destroy button your character will begin working on destroying the wall. You will see a red highlighted wall or anything else that you want to destroy. Just left-click click it and you’ll go for it. Simple!

Just keep in mind that it will be loud so it might attract a lot of zombies. There isn’t a way on how to silence the Sledgehammer.

You can actually destroy a lot of more things than just walls. The Sledgehammer is an awesome tool to have in your hands!

That’s everything that you need to know about destroying walls in Project Zomboid. We hope that this guide has helped you take down lots of walls down. Happy building!

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