Grimoires Era: Update 1 Complete Guide

New Grimoires and Upgrades!

Grimoires Era: Update 1 Complete Guide

So much is coming to the Roblox game Grimoires Era with Update 1. We’re going to talk about everything to expect and more. The Black Clover-inspired game is set to receive its Update 1 on February 4th per the developer’s announcement.

Love Black Clover? Here’s an F2P guide for crystals in Black Clover M! Without further ado, let’s talk about the update.

Full Guide for Update 1

There’s a lot to explore with Update 1 in the game, from a new map, new weapons, maps, to codes for freebies. We’re going to start with the most exciting–new codes in Grimoires Era!

  • 15KLIKES for 5 Grimoire spins.
  • 20KLIKES for 5 Grimoire spins.
  • 25KLIKES for 5 Grimoire spins.
  • 30KLIKES for 30 minutes of 2x XP.
  • 3MVISITS for 30 minutes of 2x XP.
  • 4MVISITS for 10 minutes of 2x luck.
  • 50KDISCORD 30 minutes of 2x Yen.
  • INEGAMES for 20 Grimoire spins.
  • SORRY4SHUTDOWN for 30 minutes of 2x XP.

Input these codes by clicking on the info icon (?) and write the code at the bottom of the info page. Then, click enter.

Now, to the crux of the matter.

New Weapon: Scythe and New Upgrade Function

The Scythe is a new weapon in the game that you can wear. It comes with a skill at Mastery 50.

Another addition to the weapon is the upgrade function. Head to the Blacksmith which is very near the spawn point. Just talk to the Blacksmith to upgrade your weapons.

Blacksmith in Grimoires Era.

Upgrade has a chance to fail and can break your weapon if failed for too many times. You can also upgrade Imperial Sword from the gamepass!

New Map

We now have a new map that’s much larger in the game. Which means a lot of space for a lot more buildings and NPCs. There’s a new location for the Grimoire Dealer as well as the new Storage Guy NPCs.

The Grimoire Dealer is located just straight from this 2-storey building near the spawn point. You should be going pass through 2 sets of bridges on your way there.

The BroomGuy NPC’s location has been moved as well. Make sure to check out our dedicated guide for that specific topic!

How to find Grimoire Dealer.

The Storage Guy is on the 2nd floor of the church. Church is located in an area lit in green. You can find the stairs to the 2nd floor in the backroom.

For more details, check out this dedicated guide on the Grimoires Storage location in Grimoires Era!

Grimoire Era churck location.

Grimoire Era's new Storage Guy NPC.

New Grimoires: Sword Magic & Earth

At the Grimoire Dealer, you’ll be able to see a new addition to the Mythical category: Sword Magic. We also have the rare-tier Earth Grimoire in the game as well.

Sword Magic comes with a transformation skill where your sword will grow, and your skills receive upgrades. Included is the Sword Shield skill where you’re invincible for 5 seconds.

Sword Magic Grimoire.

Meanwhile, Earth Grimoire has some pretty instant moves with huge AoE explosions. But it’s a lot of aiming as you have to be on the ground to use the skills. The damage also leaves more to be desired.

Earth Grimoire skill showcase.

Misc. Things (Quests, Level Cap, Yen Quest & Stats Reset)

There are 3 new Quest Givers. You can find Quest Giver 4 under the tree near the set of bridges while heading to the Grimoire Dealer. Level cap is increased from 500 to 750. New Yen Quest called “Mining” which you can do by talking to Roger.

New Mining quest NPC.

There’s also an NPC to reset your stats, Rick. It costs 50k Yen to reset. Find him near the spawn point as well.

New stat reset NPC.

And that’s everything for the Grimoires Era Update 1. What are your thoughts on this speedy update in the game? If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Are you a starter in the game? Make sure to check out our complete beginners for Grimoires Era for everything you’ll need!


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