How to Unlock the Secret Ending in Far Cry 6 | Hidden In Plain Sight Trophy

Get the best ending in Far Cry 6! Not…

The Far Cry franchise has never boasted about choices or different endings, but it has always given the player if they are a bit cunning and quick, the chance to finish the game after a few minutes or an hour of gameplay. The alternate endings of Far Cry have always been fun. Last game, all we had to do was wait for the dictator to come back and he’d tell us all the plot of the game. That was really fun, but the one for Far Cry 6 might top that…

How to Unlock the Secret Ending | Hidden In Plain Sight Trophy – Far Cry 6

In this special ending, we will make the main character’s wish come true, and we will get him to Miami! Yes, that is the secret ending!

To get him to go to the land of the free you will need to take a boat. If you remember, at the start, after you get off the main island you will get a boat:

This ↑ boat. If you jump on it, ignore the whole main mission, and start riding off into the sunset (which means to the West), you will suddenly get a black screen.

After a few seconds, a cutscene will start where your character is relaxing on a beach in Miami and is listening to the news, hearing that the revolution failed and that the leaders have been executed.

Once the credits are done, or if you skip them, you will be back from where you took the boat to leave and can go back to your adventure.

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