Grounded 1.3: Beginner Playgrounds Guide | Tips & Tricks

Everything you need to know about Playgrounds in one guide!

Grounded 1.3: Beginner Playgrounds Guide | Tips & Tricks

With the launch of Grounded’s latest Update 1.3, ‘Make It and Break It,’ we’ve got some exciting additions, including the introduction of the Playgrounds game mode. This new mode allows you to unleash your creativity by crafting custom games and maps using Grounded’s assets and a variety of gizmos and gadgets.

Beginner Playgrounds Guide

I’m here to provide you with a beginner’s guide to some of these tools, starting from the basics and gradually diving into more advanced features.

If you’re only interested in the tips and tricks part of the guide, feel free to use the table of contents below.

How To Spawn Button

Let’s kick things off with a simple yet effective trick – using a button to spawn in a creature. First, place a button from the Design Objects menu.

In Game Mode, pressing the button does nothing at this point. However, if you go back to Design Mode and add a creature spawner nearby, linking the button to the spawner, you’ve just set up a mechanism to spawn creatures by pressing the button.

Grounded 1.3: Playgrounds Button


Now, let’s explore levers. Levers are excellent for toggling various in-game elements. By connecting a lever to a teleporter and adjusting the channels, you can control teleportation destinations.

This adds a dynamic layer to your gameplay. Experimenting with levers opens up opportunities for interactive and immersive experiences.

Grounded 1.3: Playgrounds Lever

Trigger Volume

Moving on to trigger volumes, these are regions that activate when a player enters or exits. By placing a trigger volume and linking it to a creature spawner, you can spawn creatures whenever a player steps into a designated area.

Now, this technique can be used for challenges, surprises, or creating dynamic gameplay scenarios.

Grounded 1.3: Playgrounds Trigger Volume

Player Spawner

Next, we’ll cover player spawners. If you’re envisioning different experiences for players joining your map, use player spawners to assign specific characters to spawn points. This way, each player gets a unique starting point, enhancing the variety of gameplay experiences.

Grounded 1.3: Playgrounds Player Spawner

Multiple Actions

Now, let’s delve into multiple actions using buttons. Connect a button to multiple gizmos, such as spawning effects, altering terrain, or triggering various events. This adds complexity and depth to your creations, allowing for a richer player experience.

Grounded 1.3: Playgrounds Multiple Actions


Finally, let’s explore repeaters. Use a timer to set up recurring actions at specified intervals. Linking a timer to a sound effect, for example, can create a repeating audio cue that adds ambiance or signals events at regular intervals.

Grounded 1.3: Playgrounds Repeaters

Playgrounds Tips & Tricks

  • Our first tip focuses on accessing the upper yard without resorting to explosives. Instead of using dynamite, utilize grass planks (three to five are recommended). Approach this rock, crouch, and hook the grass into it. Once stuck, a simple jump will propel you to the upper yard.
  • Next, let’s talk trophies and stuffed animals. Marking a foe, like the Black Ox Beetle, grants a damage buff for 15 minutes. Reset it by pressing ‘E’ to optimize your resource farming.
    • Stuffed creatures, similarly, offer bonuses. For instance, a stuffed Black Ox Beetle increases loot luck for 15 minutes.
  • Moving on, utilize jerky racks for Berry and Pede hide. Three Berry chunks or five Pede chunks result in one Berry or Pede leather, respectively. A one-to-one conversion on the jerky rack provides efficient crafting options.
  • The spinning wheel is your friend. Use a single plant fiber for a crude rope, rather than three. Plus, you can cancel crafting midway to retrieve resources.
  • Upgrading your bed matters too – a Lean-to offers 8-hour sleep with reduced hunger and thirst, while a Petal bed provides comfy defense.
  • Garden patches aren’t just for plants; you can grow Muscle Sprouts by placing them in and speeding up growth with spoiled meat or triggering a green thumb chance with rotten food.
  • Now, onto pets. Tame the Aphid for reduced stamina drain, Weevil for reduced thirst drain, and Koi for increased glide. Each pet brings unique buffs beyond mere aesthetics.
  • Water is essential, so early game, dual collectors work great. Late game, consider the Mantis Fountain for unlimited relocatable drinking water.
  • Construct a hot tub – not just for aesthetics but for health regeneration, simulating the hot springs’ effect.
  • Trinkets, when starting, offer significant advantages. Craft Sturdy Shell, Antennae, and Stinkbug Part trinkets for various benefits.
  • Avoid upgrading Tier 1 and 2 gear excessively; they’ll be outclassed by higher-tier counterparts. Focus on tier 3 gear for long-term effectiveness.
  • Discover the power of set bonuses by mixing and matching armor. Each set provides unique advantages, so choose wisely.
  • When killing creatures, wield salty or spicy weapons to cook or dry raw meat on the spot. Additionally, shields now impose a damage penalty, so use them judiciously.
  • Master bow mechanics – holding a shot deals more damage, and practice will help you gauge the optimum charge.
  • Combine smoothies strategically but be aware that meals overwrite each other. Rotten gear lacks set bonuses and is generally inferior to non-rotten counterparts.
  • Understanding enemy weaknesses, resistances, and weak points is crucial. Peep creatures to reveal their details and plan your strategy accordingly.
  • Maximize your mutation loadout for different situations and weapons. A well-prepared loadout can significantly enhance your gameplay.
  • Base building on the oak tree is advantageous, especially for creating an efficient zipline network. This simplifies navigation across the yard.
  • Lastly, embrace animation canceling to improve your combat efficiency. Block immediately after attacking to minimize downtime and maximize damage output.

Did you know there’s a new secret door in Update 1.3? Check out this article on Grounded 1.3: Secret Door & What’s Behind It for more details.

Grounded 1.3: Playgrounds Tips and Tricks

I hope this beginner’s guide in Grounded sparks your creativity in designing captivating and awesome experiences. Stay tuned for more in-depth tutorial! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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