Grounded 1.4: How to Find Fifth Kid Camp & Secret Trinket Location

There’s a fifth kid? Well, let’s just hope they’re alive.

With the arrival of the 1.4 update of Grounded, all sorts of new and exciting features that aim to ensure the game’s long-term replayability were added. In addition to that, however, is a bit of extra lore that you can discover. In this guide, we will be showing you how to find the camp supposedly made by the enigmatic fifth kid.

How to Find Fifth Kid Camp & Secret Trinket Location

For the longest time, fans of the game have been coming up with all sorts of theories as to whether or not a fifth kid exists in the game. Well, the latest update of the game pretty much confirms that they do exist.

In order to find evidence that there is (or used to be) a fifth kid in the game, you will have to make it to the southern part of the map. Refer to the image below for the general area that you need to go to.

Grounded map showing the general point of reference to find the camp

You will know you are in the correct area if you see a bombardier beetle nearby, as there is a spawn point for it nearby. Once you are around this area, make your way toward the porch.

Under one section of the porch is going to be a rock with a very small makeshift campsite hidden just behind it. Just in front of the leaf tent, you will see a Hastily Written Note and a Deuces Sign on the ground.

Grounded player standing beside the fifth kid's campsite

The Hastily Written Note shows very compelling evidence that there was definitely a fifth kid with the rest of the cast in that case. Unfortunately, whoever it was woke up on their own.

According to the last part of the note, which is incomplete, this character was chased down by a bunch of spiders. This leaves their fate unknown, but it is easy to guess that they are probably not going to be playable.

Grounded hastily written note showing the fifth kid's status

The Deuces Trinket

The Deuces Sign is actually a trinket that you can use, though it isn’t anything spectacular once you see what it does. Basically, it increases your movement speed whenever you attack a spider.

This movement speed buff only lasts for a few seconds, and while it may seem incredibly useless for most cases, it can come in clutch in very specific situations.

For instance, if you know you’re going to be dealing with spiders as you venture out into certain areas, you can equip this to help speed up your travel time or escape from a possible death.

Grounded player fighting a spider

Finally, a molar can potentially spawn just in front of the camp. This only applies to New Game+ runs, however, and it is not guaranteed to be there in every reset.

And that is everything we know about the fifth kid and how you can find the trinket that they left behind before meeting their highly likely demise. While you’re here, check out our guide on how to activate New Game Plus on Grounded so you can start exploring all the new stuff in the update!


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