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I’m sure he’s fine under there!

Gray Zone Warfare When A Tree Falls Quest Guide Mithras

One of the main points of difficulty in Extraction Shooter games is learning the map. Even with an in-game map, it usually only gives you limited information and doesn’t point to where you need to go. That means if you’re on a quest to find something, you’re usually on your own.

In Grey Zone Warfare, there are different quests that you can do to get rewards and reputation to unlock more stuff. One of these quests is “When a tree falls” and in it, you’re tasked with looking for a certain spot on the map.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can do the quest in Gray Zone Warfare. We’ll go through what you’ll need to do, where you’ll need to go, and so on. Now, let’s see how this quest works out!

When A Tree Falls Quest Guide | Mithras

There are a lot of quests in Gray Zone Warfare and most of them need, you to go to certain areas of the map. The thing is there are no quest markers, and the map is huge! That’s why you’ll want to know where to go, so that you don’t waste your time!

Here are the steps that we’ll be taking to do the When A Tree Falls quest in the game:

  1. Accept the Quest from Artisan.
  2. Go to the Sawmill.
  3. Head to the south of the Sawmill and Offices.
  4. Near the river on one side of a pile of logs is a corpse.
  5. Identify the corpse and complete the quest!

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This article continues with a detailed walkthrough down below!

Detailed Walkthrough

One of the quests that Artisan gives you in the game is the “When A Tree Falls” quest. You’ll be tasked with searching Sawmill and looking into what happened to a man named “Malo Kethavongsa.”

To do this quest, you’ll want to head to the Sawmill which is to the western part of the map. The area is divided into multiple places, and you’ll want to go to the south of the Sawmill. You’ll know you’re there when you see the river.

Gray Zone Warfare Sawmill Near River
Use the river as your guide!

Follow the River and keep an eye out for the piles of logs around the Sawmill. One of them, to the side of where the river is, you’ll find a corpse as shown below. This is the corpse of a man who was crushed by a pile of logs.

Go to the corpse and then interact with it to verify the Identity. That’s the man that Artisan wants us to find. Now, all you need to do is extract and then complete the quest!

Gray Zone Warfare Pile of Logs
He’s under that pile of logs, I’m sure he’s alright!

That’s how you can do the “When a Tree Falls” quest in Gray Zone Warfare. Now, go out there and try to finish the quest yourself! Want to do more quests? Check out our guide on the Aye Aye, Captain Quest for more information!


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