Grounded 1.4: How To Get DeDuper Jelly

A brand new type of jelly for you to play with!

Grounded gets its 1.4 update, known as the Fully Yoked Update, which lets you get a new material known as DeDuper Jelly.

This material is exclusive to New Game+, and it can be used to upgrade your equipment past its natural limits. It’s a must-have to face the new challenges that the remixed backyard has in store for you!

In this short guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to get as much DeDuper Jelly as you need.

How To Get DeDuper Jelly

DeDuper Jelly, like a lot of the other new additions from the Fully Yoked Update, is only available in New Game+ mode.

If you have yet to start New Game+, you need to complete objectives until you unlock the lab in the Flower Bed area. It will give you access to the REMIX.R, which starts the remixed New Game+ mode!

Once you’re in New Game+ mode, you’ll encounter new Science Infused bugs as enemies. They appear randomly across the backyard, so finding them is mostly reliant on luck.

Notably, they have extremely long purple health bars!

Do note, Science Infused bugs are also a stronger threat than usual. Be well prepared before you decide to hunt them!

However, you’ll frequently get Infused Trinkets whenever you harvest Science Infused bugs. Makes hunting them very rewarding!

The most common example is the Science Crinkle, which seems to be a nearly guaranteed drop from Infused Bugs.

Once you have at least one Science Crinkle, make your way to the Oak Lab in the Oak Hill biome. You should be familiar with it, as it was required to complete the standard New Game playthrough!

Now, use the Super Duper machine and you’ll see that you have a new option to swap to a “DeDuper” mode.

Press the prompt shown on the screen to switch modes, then select the Infused Trinket or Infused Weapon you want to turn into DeDuper Jelly.

In our case, we’ll be using the Science Crinkle since it’s the most common Infused Trinket. Choose to De-Dupe it to turn it into its byproduct, which is DeDuper Jelly in this case.

That’s all you need to do to get DeDuper Jelly! Get as much DeDuper Jelly as you need to upgrade all of the new equipment added with this massive update.


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