Grounded Update 1.4 – Everything We Know So Far | New Weapons, Bosses, & Release Date

Wanna hear some predictions for the next update?

Reminiscent of the classic sci-fi comedy film “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”, Grounded is an open world survival game where you play as a child that’s been shrunk to the size of an insect. Even now, this game still gets some pretty hefty patches, and in this article, we’ll talk about everything we know so far about Update 1.4 as well as some predicted features!

Update 1.4 – Everything We Know So Far | New Weapons, Bosses, & Release Date

On the topic of the release date, the update will be coming on April 16, 2024. At the same time, the game will also be launching on PS4, PS5, and the Nintendo Switch.

This is big news for both fans and newcomers, as they will all be discovering the new content at the same time. Cross-play will also become a feature, allowing people to play with one another regardless of what platform they are on!

Grounded players in a custom playgrounds game mode

Predicted New Features

Although nothing has been officially confirmed yet, there have been a few subtle teasers shown in the recent trailer. Long-time players have also made some predictions based on clues in the game itself.

Among the teasers is what can be assumed will be the Mint Sword, which will likely be a tier 3 weapon just like the Mint Mace and the Mint Staff.

Grounded characters forming a circle showcasing their gear

Potential New Boss

Another speculated new addition will be a scepter that appears to be made with ant parts. This implies the introduction of a new ant queen boss, which will likely have its own new location in the map.

To add on to that, new quests might be added in the update as a result of this addition. If any of this happens, expect some of the objectives to be related to the new boss.

Grounded characters exploring a dungeon of sorts

Potential New Character and Story

Finally, some players believe that the story will be expanded even further, and the theme may involve some sort of treasure hunt as implied by the announcement poster for the next update.

This may also mean the addition of a new playable character. However, again, this is purely speculation and may not be added to the game at all. We’ll just have to wait until April to find out for sure.

Grounded characters standing on top of a rock

And that is everything we know so far about the game’s next update, as well as what some players believe may be included with the patch. While you’re here, check out our beginner’s guide for the Playgrounds game mode in Grounded, which will come in handy if you’re new to the game and are exploring the optional stuff!


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