Hades 2: Best Cast Build Guide

Using Cast the right way can be very rewarding.

Hades 2: Best Cast Build Guide

Hades 2, which is the long-awaited sequel of the original Hades just got recently released on Steam (Early Access). Hopefully, we will be able to see Hades 2 on other consoles as well when its official version is launched. Cast is one of the many mechanisms that Hades 2 offers you to help you out in fights. This guide will tell you how you can properly utilize Cast with a powerful Cast Build. Keep reading to learn more!

Best Cast Build Guide

Without wasting any time, let’s get into the build. First, let’s talk about the Boons that you will require for this Cast Build.


Using Cast Build against a boss
You will be cheesing bosses with this Cast Build.

Following are the Boons that you need to have for this Cast Build:

Paralyzing Chasm

  • This Boon will increase your Cast Damage by 32% so this is going to make your Cast very powerful.
  • You can get this Boon from Chaos.

Lightning Lance

  • Holding your Cast will let you create a Binding Circle and enemies that are caught in it will be struck by a lightning Bolt.
  • You will require a bit of practice to make good use of this Boon.
  • The lightning Bolt will cause the following damages based on rarity:
    • 50 damage if Common.
    • 70 damage if Rare.
    • 90 damage if Epic.
  • You can get this Boon from Zeus.

Storm Ring

  • With this Boon, your Cast will summon lightning bolts which will repeatedly strike a single enemy at a time.
  • The Bolt damage depends on the rarity:
    • 30 damage every 0.25 seconds if Common.
    • 40 damage every 0.25 seconds if Rare.
    • 50 damage every 0.25 seconds if Epic.
  • You can get this Boon from Zeus.

Coarse Grit

  • When you have at least 6 Earth Boons with you then a single hit can not cause you more damage than 15.
  • This Boon is just insane as you are pretty much invincible to powerful attacks.
  • You can get this Boon from Demeter.

Greater Evasion

  • This Boon will give you a chance to Dodge any damage received when you are struck.
  • The chance of the Dodge depends on the rarity:
    • 10% chance if Common.
    • 15% chance if Rare.
  • You can get this Boon from Hermes.

Ice Strike

  • This Boon will increase your Attack damage and your attacks will also now inflict Freeze.
  • The amount of damage increased depends on the rarity:
    • 30% damage increase if Common.
    • 45% damage increase if Rare.
    • 60% damage increase if Epic.
  • You can get this Boon from Demeter.

Light Smite

  • When you take damage, your enemies will also take damage in return. All of the enemies will also be inflicted with Daze.
  • You will deal the following Revenge damage based on rarity:
    • 50 Revenge damage if Common.
    • 75 Revenge damage if Rare.
    • 100 Revenge damage if Epic.
    • 125 Revenge damage if Heroic.
  • You can get this Boon from Apollo.

Blinding Sprint

  • When you have this Boon, your Sprint becomes faster and you also inflict Daze on nearby enemies.
  • The amount of increase your Sprint gets depend on the rarity:
    • 30% faster if Common.
    • 40% faster if Rare.
    • 50% faster if Epic.
  • You can get this Boon from Apollo.

Tranquil Gain

  • This Boon is for Magick Restoration. You start to recover Magick when you remain inactive for 1 second until you start moving again.
  • The amount of Magick restoration you get depends on the rarity:
    • 25 Magick recovery every second if Common.
    • 35 Magick recovery every second if Rare.
    • 45 Magick recovery every second if Epic.
  • You can get this Boon from Demeter.

Dark Side

  • Your Hex will make you invincible for 5 seconds and you will also receive new abilities during that period.
  • You need 90 Magick to use this.
  • You can get this Boon from Selene.


Make sure to get the following Keepsake as well:

Luckier Tooth

Luckier Tooth.
  • When your HP reaches 0, you will automatically restore 51/76/101 HP.
  • This can only be used once during your run.
  • You can get this Keepsake from Schelemeus by giving him Nectar.

Axe Aspect

Following is the Aspect you need for your Axe:

Aspect of Charon

Aspect of Charon
Aspect of Charon.
  • With this, your Cast will last 3 seconds and will erupt like your Omega Cast if struck by Omega Special.
  • Your Cleave-Cast Size and Damage will also be increased depending on the rank:
    • 10% on Rank 1.
    • 15% on Rank 2.
    • 20% on Rank 3.
    • 25% on Rank 4.
    • 30% on Rank 5.

Arcana Cards

Arcana Cards
Arcana Cards.

Following are the Arcana Cards that you can use with this Build:

  • I – The Sorceress
  • III – The Huntress
  • VI – The Furies
  • VII – The Titan
  • VIII – The Unseen
  • IX – Night
  • XI – The Swift Runner
  • XII – Eternity
  • XIII – The Centaur
  • XX – The Queen

And this completes this guide, I hope you found it helpful. If you happen to be a beginner, then I suggest you check out this guide: Hades 2: Best Build For Beginners | S Tier Boons. It will show you Boons that will help you out in the beginning phases of the game.


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