Hades 2: How To Unlock Scythe + Upgrades & Weapon Showcase

Wield this cool new weapon and slay the denizens of the underworld in style!

Hades 2: How To Unlock Scythe + Upgrades & Weapon Showcase

Hades 2 is a new action RPG that features a roguelike gameplay. It is the sequel of the original Hades and you can find it on Steam right now, although it is still in Early Access. The game has a bunch of weapons that you can use to survive in the underworld. All of these weapons have unique attacks and aspects which change the way you use them. This guide will show you how to unlock the weapon called Scythe and what you require to upgrade it. Keep reading to get more information!

How To Unlock Scythe & Weapon Upgrades + Showcase

The first requirement of unlocking the Scythe is for you to reach the path that leads to the Surface. If you are not already there yet, you will have to get that done. Once you reach the surface, you need to get your hands on some Darkness which you can get from the Chaos realm.

Unlocking the Scythe

Once you fulfill the above mentioned requirements, the Scythe will appear as an unlock option called Aspect Of Thanatos in Nocturnal Arms. You will need to craft it by using 1 Dark and 3 G-Rock (Glassrock). And that is it, you will be able to use the Scythe after this.

Aspect of Thanatos (Scythe).

How to get Dark

Once you do a couple of runs or interactions with Chaos (after you have unlocked the Chaos Gates), he will give you 1 free Dark at the end of his conversation. And after that there’s a chance for a single piece of Dark to spawn in the Chaos’s Lair. The chance is totally random but luckily you only need 1 Dark for the Scythe.

Dark (Darkness).

Upgrading the Scythe

You upgrade the Scythe pretty much the same way you upgrade other weapons. However you will N-mare (Nightmare) to get the upgrades on the Scythe. Now to get N-mare, you will need to crank up the Fear Level and defeat the boss tied to it. Add +1 to the Fear Level, do the run and defeat the boss to get one N-mare. Then add +1 again and you get the idea.

N-mare (Nightmare).


As far as the showcase of the Scythe is concerned, it is kind of similar to the Moonstone Axe. It also has the spinning attack which you charge up just like the Moonstone Axe but the Scythe is a bit faster. You can see it in the image below.

Spinning Attack - Hades 2: How To Unlock Scythe + Upgrades & Weapon Showcase
Scythe in a fight.

Other than that it has the usual slash type attacks and a pretty decent range as well. You will be able to know how it looks much better when you actually use it yourself.

And this is it for this guide! Speaking of the Moonstone Axe, there is a pretty powerful build you can make for it which relies on its spinning Omega Attack. I suggest you check it out, it will make the game feel much easier: Hades 2: Moon Stone Axe Build Guide. I haven’t tried it myself but I bet that build will work well with the Scythe as well.


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