Hades 2: How to Avoid Hecate’s Sheep Curse Attack

This is nothing that a Hades veteran can’t handle.

Hades 2, just like the game that came before it, will throw all sorts of challenging boss encounters at you as you progress through the different locations. One of your first real challenges will be a test against Hecate, and she has a particularly annoying attack wherein she turns you into a sheep. It may seem impossible to avoid, but that’s not the case, and here is how!

How to Avoid Hecate’s Sheep Curse Attack

There will be a lot going on during a fight with Hecate, but most of her summons and attacks are fairly easy to deal with. One exception is the sheep curse, which comes in the form of a projectile that zips through the arena and follows you at a hilariously fast speed.

Basically, after reaching a certain amount of health, she will teleport to the middle and fire a blue orb that will fly by way faster than anything else she has thrown at you so far. Getting hit will turn you into a helpless sheep for a considerable amount of time.

Hades 2 sheep curse orb approaching Melinoe, highlighted

The main idea is to either try and dodge towards it until it disappears or make it hit something like Frinos, if you have him unlocked by now. We have a guide on how to get familiars that will help you with this regard.

Dashing towards stuff may sound counterproductive if you are new to games like this, but this is something that you have to get used to. Doing so will let you abuse invincibility frames, just like in the first game.

For this pesky attack in particular, you have to dodge into it several times before it eventually dissipates. You just have to practice getting the right timing for it until it is engraved into your muscle memory. Otherwise, just eat the curse and try your best to dodge as a sheep.

One tip that works for me (most of the time, anyway) is to back up to a corner before dodging into or even slightly away from it. The idea is to force it to keep making sharp turns (it struggles a bit with these) while giving yourself enough space to comfortably do so.

Hades 2 dodging into the sheep curse orb

And that is pretty much the only advice I can give you with regards to this specific mechanic. It really just boils down to practicing a lot and banging your head against the wall until you get used to the fight, as is tradition for roguelikes. If you’re still new to the game, we have a guide on the best beginner boon choices for Hades 2 as well!


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