Hades 2: How to Unlock Familiars Guide

They added cute animal companions in the sequel? Nice.

Hades 2 has finally launched in early access, and surprisingly, it already has a vast amount of content that likely even surpasses what the first game has. Among the new features they added is the ability to collect animal familiars that will help you in various ways. There’s currently only two of them as of writing this, and here is how you can unlock them!

How to Unlock Familiars Guide

Before we begin, it should be noted that the game is in early access and is very much subject to changes. In addition to that, there are a lot of unknown factors that players have yet to fully figure out, so this process may or may not be as simple as this guide might make it seem.

At the moment, there is a lot of conflicting or unsure information about the 2nd familiar in particular. Because of that, we’ll just be summarizing the process.

If my experience with the first game’s early access was any indication, a lot can change over time, even way before Hades 2 gets its 1.0 version. Because of this, keep an eye out for the game’s patch notes any time new updates roll out and more info is given.

For now, unlocking familiars seems to revolve around defeating Hecate multiple times until she comments about the idea of having animal companions with you.

When this happens, you will receive an incantation known as the Faith of Familiar Spirits. This will require 2 nectar and one lotus, which you will likely have on hand by now unless you’ve been gifting characters recently.

Hades 2 dialogue with hecate suggesting the use of familiars

How to Get Frinos

The very first familiar you can get is Frinos, who is a frog that you can find immediately at the place you spawn in. You can’t miss this cute little guy.

All you need to do is approach and talk to him. With the Witch’s Delight on hand (you’ll get this upon casting the incantation from earlier), he will head out to the training grounds where you can choose him as your familiar.

In a nutshell, Frinos will give you bonus health and help you farm Psyche. In addition to that, he can jump on enemies for a bit of damage or block projectiles for you.

Hades 2 equipping Frinos as your follower

How to Get Toula

Toula the cat is a little more complicated, as she will move to the surface after you get the Witch’s Delight. You might have to interact with her a few times in Erebus before this happens, either way, you can only get her as a familiar once she is in the surface.

Supposedly, you have to have used the fishing rod at least once before she can show up. Her exact location will be at the docks, where you can feed her the same treat that you gave Frinos (Witch’s Delight).

Toula is great for players who want a safety net in the form of a free death defy. Just like Frinos, she can also occasionally attack enemies.

Hades 2 acquiring Toula at the docks

And that is everything we know so far about the (currently) fairly limited familiar system added to the second game in the franchise. While you are here, consider taking a peek at our guide on the best boon choices for beginners if you are pretty new to the game!


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