Haze Piece: Complete Leopard Fruit Guide & Showcase

The Leopard does not change its spots.

Players can now access a variety of new content as part of the new update to Haze Piece. Courtesy of the Xmas update, you can now explore a bunch of new islands, including the Foggy Island which is the largest island in the game yet.

With more difficult enemies on the horizon, you’ll need better Fruits so you can hold your own.

For this purpose, you can now use the Leopard Fruit which is incredibly powerful. In this guide, we will provide you with a complete guide and showcase, so you know precisely how to use this Fruit.

Complete Leopard Fruit Guide & Showcase

You can finally get the much awaited Leopard Fruit in the game. We will discuss the obtainment method briefly, and then dive into the showcase so you can get an idea of the damage it can inflict.

How To Get Leopard Fruit

You can get the Leopard Fruit in the same way that you get other Devil Fruits in the game – which is usually by picking them from ANY TREE all around the game map.

However, the Leopard Fruit is a Legendary fruit, meaning that it will be a lot more difficult to obtain it than other fruits. (Only 1% chance of spawning)

You can also buy them from the Fruit Dealer, or by using Robux.

Consider checking out this How to get Devil Fruits Fast guide, so you can speed up the process.

Leopard Fruit in Inventory in Haze Piece.

Once you have the Leopard Fruit, all you need to do is Equip it and eat it. Doing so will give you the Leopard move set and you can now take advantage of its power.

Consider checking out the showcase below if you want to get an idea of the damage it can inflict.

Eating Leopard Fruit in Haze Piece.

Leopard Fruit Showcase

You get a total of 6 Moves with the Leopard Fruit move set. We will look at what each of this move does without any Accessory equipped or Haki activated, so we can see what damage the fruit does purely.

However, keep in mind that in your case the damage will probably be different.

Transformation is the first Move, which allows your character to simply transform into the Leopard. You will get a unique model that comes with its own sprinting, walking, dash and jumping animation.

Leopard Transformation in Haze Piece.

After that, we have the M1 basic attacks. Your character will swipe at enemies with his claws but at the fifth attack, he does a Roar which is pretty unique. One M1 attack does 1467 Damage.

M1 Roar Attack in Haze Piece.

Next on the agenda, we have the Finger Pistol move, which is a long range attack. Your character will stand in a unique pose where he will hold his fingers out like a pistol.

After that, he will fire an attack that can travel a large distance, dealing 3522 Damage if it hits.

Finger Pistol move in Haze Piece.

After that, you can use the Meta Roar move which does AoE damage. Your character will Roar and leave behind a ring of destruction. Any enemy in range will be dealt a total of 6190 Damage.

Meta Roar in Haze Piece.

The next move that you can use is the Storm Leg move. A bit of a unique move which actually splits off in multiple directions, making it really good for farming enemies.

If you want to do the entire damage on one single enemy, you will need to be really close, so all 3 shots hit them.

Doing so will deal a total of 7605 Damage to the enemy.

Storm Leg in Haze Piece.

You also have a barrage move in the form of Claw Barrage. A rapid move that deals 7144 Damage to a single enemy and inflicts about 47 Hits.

However, you will need to be really close if you want to deal all that damage. Still, an extremely satisfying move!

Claw Barrage in Haze Piece.

Last, but not least, we have the Ultimate move called Rokugan. When you activate Rokugan, your character will automatically teleport to the nearest enemy so you don’t have to worry about range.

After that, your character will Roar and deal devastating damage of over 10K!

If there is any nearby enemy, they will also be dealt damage, making it an incredibly powerful move. You can use it for fighting the boss when trying to obtain the Dark Blade V2 on Foggy Castle.

Rokugan in Haze Piece.

That’s everything you need to know about obtaining and using the Leopard Fruit in Haze Fruit. As you can see, it is an incredibly powerful Fruit that has the power to devastate multiple or single enemies.

We highly recommend getting it as you will likely need it for the other content part of the Xmas update. After all, there are some powerful bosses across the new islands, and grinding opportunities.

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