Haze Piece: Complete Presents Guide | How To Get, Use & Exchange

Pay it forward! Make it a Season of Giving!

Players can already enjoy the Christmas festivities when they log into Haze Piece. With the Xmas update, a variety of new Christmas related content can be enjoyed alongside the beautiful snowy and celebratory aesthetic. 

You can obtain Presents when you play the game, and you may likely be wondering what you can do with them.Not to worry, we have you sorted out.

In this complete Presents guide, we will show you how to get them, use them and exchange them for rewards. Let’s get into it!

Complete Presents Guide

Starting off, you might notice that you’ll already have a bunch of Presents with you just from playing the game.

However, more specifically, you can get Presents from simply killing enemies in game during the Xmas update.

Fighting Bandit for Present in Haze Piece.

You can use Presents by exchanging them for all sorts of Rewards. To exchange your Presents, you will need to go visit the Xmas Shop at either of the Starter Islands on the first and second sea.

You can recognize the Xmas Shop by the Santa Claus NPC. Below is where the Xmas Shop is located on the Starter Island of the First Sea.

Xmas Shop in First Sea in Haze Piece.

And here is the location of the Xmas Shop on the Starter Island of the Second Sea.

Second Sea Xmas Shop in Haze Piece.

You can exchange your Presents for three things, which will appear as options when you Talk to the Xmas Shop.

  • You can get a Race Spin with the first option in exchange for 300 Presents.
  • The second option allows you to get a Random Surprise for 300 Presents.
  • You can get anything from 10-50 Gems, 10-30k Beli and 10 minutes of 2XP as part of the Random Surprise.
  • Finally, the last option allows you to buy the Winter 2023 Title in exchange for 500 Presents.
    • So, if you’re up for some grinding, you can get some great rewards in exchange for Presents.
Xmas Shop Menu in Haze Piece.

That’s everything you need to know about the Complete Presents Guide. Now, you know how you can get them, use them and exchange them for all sorts of rewards.

You might have to grind quite a bit considering that there is an element of Luck involved for the Random Surprise and Race Spins.

However, with time, you should be able to get some good rewards in the season of giving!

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