Heaven Stand: Trello Board Link

Does this JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fan game have a Trello?

Heaven Stand is a Roblox game that gets regularly updated with new content, such as Sisyphus Prime and Cosmic Garou. Because of how much it gets patched, it may get a bit hard to keep track of all the changes over time. With that said, does the game have a Trello board or any equivalent where such information is shared?

Trello Board Link

Unfortunately, as of writing this, the game’s new official Trello board has been set to private and is currently considered to be a work in progress.

Though despite this, updates are still shared in the game’s Discord server. Those who wish to check an old version of the Trello board may also access it by clicking here: Heaven Stand Old Trello Board.

Though be warned that this board is outdated and may not have the most recent additions/reworks.

Although the old Trello board is no longer being worked on, it still contains information on a lot of the abilities in the game, as well as most of the quests and currently unobtainable content.

The official Discord server, on the other hand, has a channel dedicated to sharing the latest patch notes and leaks on upcoming content. There, you can also trade with other players or ask questions about the game itself.

That’s all of the information we currently have about Heaven Stand’s Trello board and Discord server. Hopefully this helps you find all of the information you need about Heaven Stand!

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