Honor of Kings: Complete Shouyue Guide

Snipe your foes with this quick and simple hero guide!

Honor of Kings is a “new” MOBA that just got its global release recently, and players who haven’t tried one of these games before will likely struggle to figure out which hero is the right one for them. In this guide, we will be showing you how to play Shouyue, who is one of the marksmen that you can choose from the game’s diverse roster.

Complete Shouyue Guide

Shouyue is a marksman / attack damage carry, which means that you will very likely be in the bottom lane throughout most of the match.

Some may suggest that you roll it in the mid lane as a second physical damage carry. The problem with this strategy is that your team will lack magic damage, and he is not exactly a great hero to gank with, despite his abilities. You’d be putting yourselves at a major disadvantage with that setup.

Let’s take a quick look at his abilities, which mainly plays into his theme as a sniper and/or recon character:

  • Accuracy (Passive Skill) – Shouyue’s critical rate is converted into attack damage. In addition to that, while out of combat, standing next to a wall will grant him bonus movement speed and some temporary invisibility.
  • The Tranquil Eye (Active Skill 1) – Puts down a device that will grant vision in an area around it. While standing in the radius of this device, Shouyue gains bonus physical pierce. This bonus is removed while moving.
  • Wild Wind (Active Skill 2) – Fires a sniper shot at the desired direction, which deals damage and slows down the target. Shouyue can hold this ability to charge it up and increase its range up to a certain extent.
  • Getaway (Active Skill 3) – Shouyue leaps backwards and fires in the target direction. This also slows down whatever it hits, and Shouyue get bonus movement speed at the same time. This shares ammunition with Wild Wind, and it passively increases your basic attack range.
Honor of Kings shouyue player charging up wild wind

Tip #1. Poke Your Enemies Early

Marksmen in general should be poking their lane counterpart whenever the opportunity presents itself, but this is especially true for Shouyue as he specializes in early game harassment.

This hero excels in the early to mid game phase, as his ability to both harass from a distance or finish targets off can be particularly devastating while everybody is still relatively squishy.

Because of this, it is best that you and your team work towards an early win rather than dragging out the match. Later on, he can still be a nuisance due to his range and base damage, but other marksmen will heavily outclass him in a team fight.

On that note, check out our guide on how to macro the farm lane in Honor of Kings. This will help you maximize your gold gains as you harass the opposing laners.

Tip #2. Abuse Your Tranquil Eye

Next, do not underestimate the utility of The Tranquil Eye. If used frequently and in the right spots, you can completely deny gankers. This can help secure your bottom lane and even help provide an opening for your mid laner or jungler to rotate down there.

If you are going with the mid lane Shouyue strategy (which we don’t really recommend), this will help you check for any flanking enemies whenever you notice that one of the lanes is missing. It’s basically a free ward in a game where those aren’t really a thing that people worry about.

Honor of Kings shouyue player sniping enemies across a wall

Tip #3. Practice Aiming Your Sniper

Wild Wind can be a bit tricky to hit while you are still learning this hero, but you should take every opportunity to try and snipe enemies whether to poke them or finish them off.

Getting hits with this ability mainly relies on your positioning, and if you can set yourself up with the proper angles, you will be able to consistently snipe people while staying completely safe.

On that note, you can use your passive ability to quickly set yourself up right before a team fight occurs. Simply hug a wall and start charging up Wild Wind just as your teammates engage the opposing team. After a successful shot, start getting within basic attack range to do your job as a marksman.

Tip #4. Do Not Panic

Finally, our last tip is something that applies to pretty much any marksman, but basically, do not panic whenever you are in a sticky situation. If enemies dive you and your teammates aren’t nearby, the best way to ensure your survival is to avoid using Wild Wind.

Wild Wind will only render you even more vulnerable during a gank. Instead, hit the closest target with Getaway and head towards your towers or a nearby teammate. Save your Flash for moments like these too, as using it aggressively is hardly worth it for Shouyue.

Honor of Kings shouyue player retreating with getaway

And those are all of the tips we can give you when it comes to playing as the sniper Shouyue. While you are here, consider checking out our guide on how to play Diao Chan in Honor of Kings. That is a better choice for you if you prefer to play as a roaming carry in the mid lane.


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