High On Life: Playing Favorites Achievement Guide

I love you all equally (not really).

In first person games, you are bound to find a gun or weapon that you really like and never want to let go of. So much so, that you neglect to use any other weapons in the game. It’s understandable to do so. I personally prefer to use a shotgun or assault rifle at all times, tending to miss out on other weapons because I’m comfortable with what I have. Other games tend to poke some fun on players not giving up on their favorite weapon, like High On Life.

Playing Favorites Achievement Guide – High On Life

Sacrifice any other weapon that is not Kenny

After defeating the final boss of the game, Kenny will tell you that he is willing to sacrifice himself to detonate the bomb that is Garmantuous’… butt (oh Justin Roiland, never change). Obviously, your first instinct might be to just go ahead and shove Kenny inside, but you can actually use other weapons to do it.

One of the popular choices among the weapons is Lezduit. He’s fairly new to the gang and you get him near the end of the game anyway. But it’s up to you to choose who you want to sacrifice, as long as it is not Kenny. If you do sacrifice Kenny, then you will miss out on the Playing Favorites achievement.

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