How To Create BEST Moveset For Shindo Life

That’s a lot of abilities to choose from!

Picking skills and abilities in video games can be tough especially if you haven’t seen everything the game has to offer. Maybe you just started out and you’re wondering if the skills you’re picking are actually good or a waste of time. Maybe the game doesn’t let you have a chance to respec so you’re afraid of making a bad build and will have to create a new character in the future.

In Shindo Life, an RPG in Roblox, you can get a lot of different abilities to add to your moveset, but what is the best ability you can put in those slots? In this guide, we’ll show you some suggestions on each slot to maximize your power in the game!

Shindo Life: How To Create BEST Moveset

In Shindo Life, you can go with different fighting styles, for the best moveset though I highly recommend either Muay Thai, MMA, or Clone Combat with MMA being the best of the 3.

  • The first two slots for your moveset should be Ember Entry and Ember Hurricane and you can throw in combo breaker as a third slot.
  • For your 4th slot go for ones that give you I-frames to break M1 combos. Abilities like Body Replacement or Vanishing Image are great picks, anything to avoid damage.
  • 5 and 6 slots can either be anything you want if you’re not playing competitively. You can also go with Elemental bloodlines for these slots if you’re using them.
  • For the E and R keys put abilities that have a stun, like Bakai-Akuma or Akuma abilities work great.
  • For Z key either go for Divination Spirit or Ryuji-Kenichi as they’re both the best ones in the meta right now.

Congratulations you now know one of the best moveset for Shindo Life, now go out there and try to get the abilities for your moveset so you can be the strongest in the game!

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